Waking up to Kathy Ma’am’s feet…


Small ladies, big feet – though the ladies are sometimes embarassed or otherwise not very happy about it (remember Sophia Ma’am? Although she is TALL … “I have BIG FEET! Strong feet, not elegant!“) … I love them so!

Especially the soles, more to press, worship!

And Kathy is a short, cute lady I know … uber cute.

I’ve written about her before.

That one picture in shorts – big legs, BIGGER feet, the nailpolish just – SO – NICE!

Ma’am, YOU are so nice too, right down to your cute English!

And I woke up to … well, thoughts of pressing her feet all night. 

Ma’am, you know I’m useless in bed!


“Yes, you’re better at pressing feet and legs!” 

“Yes, you can press my legs while I watch movies, I want to try!” 

“You can wash my clothes too! Just don’t tear them!” 

And a lot more … Hehe.

The last two statements, of course – came from Madam Su, as readers of the Sophia Bai series, and Cuckold Compilations will know!

Most sizzling books both of them …

But the first one, if I’m ever in that situation with Kathy, I’m sure she’d say that.

And I’d love her SO for saying it!

She’s so NICE!

Pressing her feet, her legs, the best part? 

Her eating away, and saying this.

“I dont care about getting fat anymore!”

She actually said that.


All about the mind, and of course, your WALLET too – for the ladies, hehe. The more you give, the better, and the more you’ll be dominated, boy!

Speaking of which …

We rejigged our REWARDS page to make your wallet “last longer” … and to give you some great, great and NEW rewards for November.

My books, my friend, are the BEST – as a customer once told me.

He’s right.

They are.

And combined with the rewards, they make a lip licking “licious” package – just like a set of lovely cock and balls, hehe, that you will not want to miss.

Go ahead and grab the books above, and a few more.

You’ll love ’em!

And welcome aboard!


Mike Watson

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