The LOVELY way the butt muscles contract for sissies after sissygasms!

I SO LOVE IT, Ma’am! Or Sir …

Anyway, its something not often discussed.

We talk a LOT about the P spot – rightfully so, BOTH for studs – and sissies!

Truly gives the most IMMENSE PLEASURE POSSIBLE – cosmic orgasms, if I might say so – along with the CONSCIOUSNESS (the P spot is literally one of the “seats” of your body if you get my drift in terms of energy chakras and so forth!). 

We talk a lot about … well, how the penis CONTRACTS when something gets in ass!

Ever notice, sissies, how your already tiny penis CONTRACTS when you put finger in ass ?

Or, a lovely cock enters it – or, as is my personal favorite – a VIBRATING BUTTPLUG??

Thats something not mentioned “explicitly” in the book on sissygasms, but butt (pun intended!) plugs are – through all my writings, the book on nipplegasms included too, I think!

We’ve spoken a LOT about the touches – the feathery touches – or the hard thrusts, or … the various types of ways to reach a sissygasm!

And, how GOOD it feels!

But, has anyone ever spoken about the way the BUTT hole contracts POST orgasm – or sissygasm, I should say!

I dont think even I spoke about it in the book on Sissygasms!

Maybe I did, I dont know.

But it’s not something you need to know about in order to know HOW to experience the most awesome, PLEASURABLE sissygasms ever!

It’s something every sissy has experienced, and every sissy needs to EXPERIENCE it – not KNOW IT!

Anyway …

I’ve been gooning to an IMMENSELY SEXY VIDEO as of late!

As I always do, to female feet – and inevitably, BLACK COCK!

SOLES – and then COCK!

Feet and soles, boy, feet and SOLES!

But anyway MAster is taking the sissy SO WELL!

He puts his lovely, sexy cock – I spoke about it HERE – in his ass first, and then goes back and forth, really thrusts like a STUD – a PERFECT STUD!

And once he gets it all the way in, just like in a vagina, he PUSHES it further, and lets it touch the P spot, and it stays there, the cock, just like when you “fuck something” or someone – or even a real pussy – real well!

Believe me, I’ve been on BOTH SIDES of this – immensely pleasurable!!!!!!!!

And then he goes again, back and forth, back and forth, sissy cock getting smaller with each thrust, the black cock getting longer, and his balls SWINGING against other balls too!




And as he finally cums, he “gets off his haunches” – so sexy that pose! And then he leaves, having deposited his MANLY SEXY SEED!

And then you see it, after all the moans – not only does the sissy spurt through his “tool” (truly, sissy penises – nothing but TOOLS for release, Madam Sophia taught me so well, for one!) …

But his asshole contracts.

And her asshole, I should say – it contracts, and spurts CUM out in a steady stream, the stud’s cum!

So sexy!

Every time I sissygasm, for me, it’s a STRUGGLE to keep that finger in as the butthole puckers and contracts SO!

That extreme pleasure, and it then “pushes” out whats in it, hehe.

Good news?

Like with real pussies, manginas, or man pussies can be easily lubed up again – to accept incoming deposits again!

And best, greatest news?

Like with real vaginas, my friend, and REAL WOMEN – -if YOU always (and many of YOU do!) wanted to be a real woman in terms of sexual pleasure, or even otherwise – well, you can have REPEATED ORGASMS GALORE with sissygasms, the likes of which will truly shake your body from the inside out – you’ll truly know what women feel during those GASPING ORGASMS!

That, my friend is the real beauty of sissygasms other than purely the physical part – which is the best ever!

The real beauty is how you FEEL – like a REAL WOMAN!

And trust me, once you’ve been taken in the ass?

You’ll never go back!

Combine with nipplesgasms?

YOU will never come down from a high which is even better most likely than any real woman could achieve.

Trust me on this!

And these courses, friend, are a MUST GRAB.

And to sweeten the deal, pot, whatever, hehe, pun intended?

I’ve put together a great REWARD i.e. a discount for YOU if you pick up some of these manuals.

Check them out HERE i.e. the reward.

Then apply, checkout, and start doing … now!

I look forward to hearing back.

Best, oh – and LEAVE REVIEWS, folks – leave reviews! I’ve gone hoarse saying it, but if you dont, the trolls like “Schofield with tiny penis” will leave trolly reviews, which doesnt help anyone. REAL reviews are wanted, guys (and ladies) – so please – honest opinions please, real reviews please! – Extra 10 % off just for leaving a review, now if that isnt a deal, I dont know what is…

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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