Sissy fag Glyn – outed!

It’s amazing, the number of sissies and faggots out there that truly get off on being “outed“!

You wouldn’t believe some of the requests I have had – including from ranging to “emailing employers” – to significant others – to “friends” (who apparently dont know their friends are into it, although they themselves are too – see the example of Bozo Schofield’s friends having all sorts of strange fetishes, but when found out, they vociferously deny it – I mean really, how dumb can people get!!) …

But people love it!

And while the sissy being outed here – Bozo Schofield – the Internet is well aware of him by now – mucho thanks and gratitude to my friend from fitness who tirelessly, after getting sick of his trolling, racist crap and HARASSMENT (towards him, and lots of other great women) outed him one fine day – and never stopped.

Of course, he Googled and found this site, and has been relentless badgering me – and paying me to be outed, so I finally did it.

But hes the sort of person, sissy or not, I want nothing to do with it.

I repeat, nothing!

But most people into this sort of thing are great people!

On Twitter, I’ve seen fags with their legs up high in the air, assholes exposed – some are quite tight – and their faces all very visible!

Along with passport shorts!

Norway, the US, Germany, you name it – we’re getting requests from EVERYWHERE.

And the requests are coming in thick and fast much like luscious black cocks which us sissies and faggots SO LOVE!

So I haven’t been able to put everything together, but rest assured, you fags will be outed – in order of payment receieved!

Much love to all of you that have paid for this – and enjoy it – you’re the best! (Bozo Schofield EXCLUDED from the best list, but he’ll be outed anyway).

I remember a company I once worked for – they did their best to make me feel unwelcome.

From not including me on company email lists, to even leaving me out of the annual dinner party in China – they tried it all!


But they never “fired me” – because they needed me!

And when I showed up at the dinner party, they were shocked, they didnt even have a CHAIR for me. Hehe. They had to provide it anyway!

That was only one employer like that, of course, the next one with the dancing ladies, and “V” who was looking at me all throughout the dancing sequence and stuff …

But anyway, thats what we’re doing with Bozo.

He keeps paying, so he WILL be outed.  (he HAS been, he’s the FIRST on the Roll of Honor i.e shame, hehe) 

But … we dont really want him here anyway!

Anyway, we DO want the rest of you FINE SSC Folks.

So to be outed – apply here!


Mike Watson

PS – Believe me, I’ll consider any request so long as it isn’t too out there. I have NOT emailed your employers as yet Jake – I’d suggest you to take a long “not so hard” look at it first, hehe. REmember, once that email goes, it goes!

But, ultimately its up to ya’ll…

PS #2 – We’ve been dodgy and iffy on email for the past week – seems to be all solved now though!

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