“I’d be the cuck to drink from that condom!”

You’ve got stiff competition on that one, cuckie boy! Hehe. 

There’s a long line of cucks lined up for the privelege.


I dont know her, but all she did, she pointed to a used condom, both dripping and FILLED with cum – HEAVY cum – you know, that sexy cum that ACCUMULATES at the base of the condom!

The smells, the musk, the man juice, most of all, the USED NATURE OF THE CONDOMS – on HIS DONG!

That lovely dong pleasuring HER!

THAT is what does it, the “used nature” of the condom!

Anyway ….

It’s so easy for Madam!

She posted that onTwitter, with one fair hand holding it as if to say “ewwwww” …

And it is eww for real men, yes, except I dont know, remember that guy in the “China” group on Wechat once who bragged about reusing condoms?

Remember the story about Donald Trump liking girls that piss on him (that was the allegation, but there is never smoke without fire) – or perhaps my fitness friend’s “so called straight friend” whose got more hidden fantasies you’ll never even seen here on this site, so extreme they are, and who parades around pictures of his friends’s massive cock (like Jeremy’s, really!) – and talks about “sick dicks” – in NON FETISH RELATED wechat groups!

Like I said, we ALL have those desires.

And my fitness friend is laughing big time in his sexy, manly voice about that irritating cuckold “Glyn Schofield” who is too much of a loser to even be a good sissy and cuckold, so annoying he is, like Madam Maggie said “dont be so annoy!!!” – that the girls just up and block him instantly.

Ya’ll know the whole tale and have chuckled at it, I know.

But he’s been trolling my fitness friend with inanities such as true botton of the barrel stuff – like signing this man up for “newsletters” on sites.

Apparently Bozo didnt get the picture ie subscriptions need to be CONFIRMED.

Not on this site, as I want to make it more convenient for all, and the nature of the site, but most non sexual and non fetish related sites, thats how you go about it .

And he keeps bringing up cock in his trolling i.e. “my friend loves cock and is a faggot”.


I’m the one that wrote Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and I’d love to be called a REAL faggot!

Not the faggoty moron sort like this Schofield who secretly desires, never gets, and when asked about it?

“No, I dont have those fetishes!”

My friend told me about just how VOCIFEROUSLY he denied them – OUTED!


I’ll be posting pictures of his tiny cock shortly on here too.

But anyway, guys, as I keep saying – be COMFORTABLE with your innner desires and such, it is only then you’ll GET THEM!

And we all know you WANT THEM!

And on that note, you tiny cock guys that want to be outed – pay the fee – and lets get it over with already.

Page’s here.

Contact me for more!


Mike Watson

PS – I dont understand the whole fuss idiot guys that can never get any make about “sick dicks” . They are truly some of the , if not THE sexiest dicks ever, and EVERY woman, and there have been so many, have said the same thing as well!

Guys, if you’re phimotic – do NOT – I repeat – do NOT get cut!

It is NOT worth it!

The sheer pleasure for you and her – and in any case, stretching usually gets the job done – but the mystery, the “why I can’t see the HEAD, boy!” – and the way these cocks lend themselves so naturally and so well to REAL AND TRUE FEMDOM – it’s SO WORTH IT – KEEP ’em!

Trust me on this one, when Mike Watson says something, he MEANS it – and knows IT!

And more on that cock here. YES, you’ll want to read that!

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