When Henry Wong asked the lovely waitress if Madam thought “I was stupid”!

Do you recall, friend, when I told you about a certain Ann – my ex from the past?

Well, one night we pulled an all nighter.

Obviously NO sex, if you’ve read that last email about her. Hehe. And it isn’t fiction – all 100% true.

There was plenty of DRINKING though, and Madam even got tipsy to the point of saying (when I was getting us beers) –

“Why you dont tell ME to do!”

Now, she was not submissive – those of you that have read the email (maybe I’ll send it once again after this one!) – KNOW THAT!

A perfect tease too ,but that was a genuine comment.

Anyway, we were walking arm in arm in front of a certain restaurant one night, I remember memories flooding back, then taking Ann to the hotel I worked at then (14th floor of a 5 star hotel in China) …

It was all locked and barred, but I dont know – memories, the FREEDOM then – the casual YOUTH – I SO REMEMBER IT!

Times were different then in China. Hehe.

(most of the tom tom’s will never know, hehe).

Neither should they (the tom tom’s).

But anyway ……..

Before I get into Henry Wong, and remember – he was part of the office where the “MI” was there – I’ll send that email soon too! Hehe – …

I recall an article I read in the news about “Chinese female employees” made to dance for clients (nothing risque, just dance).

And I remember a factory I worked at where we’ll call her ‘V” (no, no, NO, NOT MISS V!) – (a lady Daniela gave her the name “V” because she was so romantic and flirted with me SO MUCH that I thought everyone day was Valentine’s day for her!) …

… She was a HR lady – assistant in front of my office, which was next to the HR Manager’s office.

From the day I walked in, I felt it.

She’d KEEP sneaking sly glances at me sitting there, working!

Along with another girl, but THIS girl (who was not noticed as being the most beautiful, the other one was – but honest, this girl was CUTE!) … she’d keep doing it!

I mean, I cannot tell you the amount of times I felt eyes on me – probing eyes, and Madam liked me!

Of course, she never said it.

Tease x 100. Hehe.

But she liked me, couldn’t speak English and thankfully that was the one time I did NOT mix in work with business!

I try not to most of the time!



I’d so love to work for Madam Yiyi – perfect for her calling me an idiot all the time! Hehe. 

Anyway, this lady did a dance on Chinese New Year – in China they have this culture of massive New Year company parties, everyone getting drunk, and she looked SO pretty, I remember …

I don’t know, were they FORCED into it?

I rather think they enjoyed it as part of Chinese culture!

And of course, nothing but teasing the men with their moves. She had her eyes on me (I was at desk #2 beside the boss the whole time!).

Table numero Two, actually. (first one was all clients and customers).



Anyway …………. that restaurant was one where at the job BEFORE that, I used to eat a lot with my colleagues.

And the girls there, they’d point and giggle a lot.

Nothing femdom related, for the most part, but I often had fantasies about some of the girls.

Acutally, “Henry Wong” and the MI – these were the guys that really “hit upon the girls” in a Bozo like manner, of course, they all ran away.

Henry was also a guy who I went with once to the parlor I mention in Sin City Diaries, Volume One, I believe – if I mention her!

He was so shocked I didnt have sex with the girl.

Thankfully, Madam kept the conversation down to “he wanted oral, and nothing else”.

She was kneeling at his feet, not mine, of course, since “he was the paying client”.

Always a different rule for foreigners in China! 

(in fairness though, expats often get – well, the smart ones – more priveleges in other areas..)


Or maybe it was just that salon, I dont know.

Aa Ling used to kneel to put my shoes on all the time. Before, well, taking me in hand so WELL! Little did I know she was teaching ME how to kneel, and if you’re a “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” “owner”, you know this!

Anyway, Henry once asked a “bemused” waitress if she thought “I was stupid”.

She rushed away. Hehe. ’nuff said.

These guys…….!

But as I talk to a certain Madam yiyi, and tell her I’d love to work for her, she’s so NICE, so DOMINATING – well – what can I say!

Madam, I’m indeed a fool for you!

Look for the emails on Yiyi, Mi – and… I believe Ann, coming soon to refresh your memory!

In the meantime, to attract female dominance in its purest, sexiest and most pristine form? GO HERE!


Mike Watson

PS – Rewards page here . You will LOVE ’em !!

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