One Pablo thought I was a fool and pest, the other thinks I’m THE BEST!

My cousin Pablo falls into the first category. Hehe.

Truly, with me, as I’ve said often before – you either love me, or hate me .

I’ve never been the sort of guy to “hang in the middle”.

It’s always been extremes for me – even femdom , as you guys can tell – I dont just GO DEEP – I go deep, and then some, INTO THE MIND – the “backside” too – hehe – and even there, Ill be so lurid and graphic – guys and girls alike have literally reported “cumming in pant” as soon as I read your books!

Is it any wonder that people love my books SO MUCH as I’ve been saying over the past few emails ?

Remember they aren’t my comments.

Not me speaking.

It’s what READERS – real readers of the book, true femdom lovers – say!

And it’s extreme, yes, in ways NO-ONE does out there – femdom related. 


Anyway, I’ll always remember him being the favorite amongst all four kids (myself, my sister, my younger cousin, and me).

The last two were never favorites. Hehe.

My Nazi feminist Mom loved (and remember, thats NOT a good thing when it comes to kids, and even BDSM – it’s always, ultimately, about give and take to a degree, even extreme femdom!) this cousin  – oh there was a third hardly talked about too.

The third – neutral.

The last two – NO!

And she’d often complain, I wish I had a son like Pablo!

He was the typical, you know…

Tom Tom type, did what Mommy wanted, worked a job in an MNC. I still remember meeting his wife once – and SHE was interesting as opposed to him, drab and boring as ever and always…

Of course, thats how a cuck should be, hehe.

Perhaps he is that, hehe. I dont know!

You’d be surprised what people think, but dont say – outright – unlike yours truly.

But I remember him often castigating me – he was just a year or so older, but the family support made it possible for him to do.

“Go to hell, Mike!” 

And other such idiocy often, and of course, yours truly if he fought back, he didnt get anywhere.

The wheel though does spin full circle, as I’ve said SO OFTEN in “Serving an Indian Goddess!” 

Pablo, who is possibly one of my best readers – and probably the greatest translator I’ve ever had thus far!


Thank you, Pablo!

And on that note, as Madam Carrie Volume Two mysteriously goes up online, Volume One and Volume Three – we’re still waititng – and all the dreams last night, and my usual spiritual discourse- I can only say this.


Femdom wise, maybe Madam Carrie is the book I should recommened to all of you FIRST!

But I dont – it would be doing an injustice to all the other lovely ladies!

But there is a reason the Spanish translation is going up FIRST for that book, and combined with a certain $2.22 something (dont ask, hehe) – I’m sure we’ll all find out what the reason is. 

Esoteric aside, get the above books now.

And if you’re waiting, for the life of me dont wait any more (I mean really, if this doesn’t excite you as much as it does me, you probably shouldn’t even be on this site/email list!

For that sorts and the cheapos etc (we dont want you, really and neither do we LIKE you, but we don’t hate you, hehe), the unsubscribe link should be there at the bottom of the email – thank you)

I’ll see you!


Mike Watson

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