“The situations are so well described that many times one can feel the pain felt by the protagonist.”

OK, I’m so excited!

Pablo – everyone knows who he is by now – surely one of my best, if not THE best translator yet – such great reliability, sticks to deadlines no matter what (gets his work done no matter what AHEAD OF TIME) – LOVES doing what he does – is PASSIONATE about his work – and femdom too which he enjoys – the more I say about this great guy, the less it is! – Thank you, Pablo – much appreciated!

But anyway, Madam Carrie – Volume Three is DONE in Spanish now, and will be on Amazon shortly.

And just looking at the cover, the way that bottom SOLE speaks, nay screams out at me … and you … MADAM, PLEASE!

I can SEE the creases and wrinkles on Ma’am’s foot, SO NICE!

Madam, Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

Now, on to the meat of this –

I take this opportunity to send you my review of the volume:

In this volume we can go deeper into the details of Madame Carrie’s domination towards Mike, but not only of her, but also of her friends, to whom she gives courage to develop that desire to dominate that every Chinese woman carries inside but that their macho society does not allow to come to light.

The characters take on more relevance, and it is no longer just a domination of a single person towards another, but Mike begins to be dominated by several other people. The situations are so well described that many times one can feel the pain felt by the protagonist.

To be honest, and to be honest, those of us who are not involved in female domination, having read these first 3 volumes, we could say that we now have a great notion of what it is all about, as well as how people feel when they practice it.

Pablo has it truly so SPOT ON!

Yes, you can “feel my pain” in the book.

And if you’ve got a hard on (males) – or nodding your head “HE’s SO RIGHT” (ladies!) – well, you’re feeling the real femdom, the BLOW It packs, the punch, and MORE!

And of course, the lovely PArty Maam had, late at night no less, all detailed in the book (this Volume 3).

Oh,  but before that …

Things get really interesting as there is not only female participation so you start to get suspicious. Madame Carrie is dominating and inviting her friends to do the same, I think that dominance can’t happen if someone doesn’t open your eyes and show you “the tip of the ball for you to unravel” (Argentine expression)… 

… where I do consider that you can get femdom is in Central American countries like Dominican Republic, Venezuela and a little further south, Colombia (who in my humble opinion have the most beautiful women in America along with Argentina). As for Asia, I dream to know Thailand, Japan, China and Philippines, both for their cultures and for their women (I write this covering the pc monitor, because otherwise my girlfriend leaves sleeping in the street tonight – jealousy -). 


Smart guy!

Sometimes, keeping one’s mouth shut is the best option!

Speaking of which, I remember my friend sending me a picture of Bozo Schofield once in his underwear, face down on the streets of Jieyang, China apparently – he was stealing beer and money from a friends house, a friend who had helped him innumerous times, and finally done got the red ass.

Geez, what a character this Glyn boy is!

But it reminds me, I’m glad Pablo covered the computer screen. Hehe. Wouldnt’ want him in that predicament, but he’s too smart for it anyway, heh.

Anyway, yours truly …

Hi again Pablo! NO problem at all for adding in more keywords – thank you – and again, GREAT JOB ON THE BOOK!

Truly exceptional work (and dedication to timeframes etc) – I’m really happy with your work – thank you! I’ve given you reviews as well for all the translations thus far, and Volume 4 is up – as and when you want to do it (or, if you want, you can translate “Miss V Beauty Salon” first, hehe – up to you!).

I still remember Madam, my next door neighbor -Sophia in that book – she was TRULY my next door neighbor before that. Truly, we ATTRACT femdom – or what we believe at our deepest cores to our lives on auto pilot as I keep saying/writing about…

Yes, sometimes one has to “show” the other person what is possible, even if that something is innate in the other person, and femdom – or men “guiding” women into it is NO exception to the rule – hehe. Yes, you’re right – my books describe the FEELING – as that is the most important thing, and they’re a great primer or manual for someone interesting in learning (and then doing) more about REAL Femdom! Glad you loved the “party” Madam Carrie threw, hehe. Late at night no less, Miss V showing up…

Now the crowds part, I hear you – but China and India are both, well, equally “overcrowded” – lots of people, same thing for most countries in Asia, I think. But yes, Asian women are definitely GORGEOUS like no others! Of course, I’m sure so are Venezulean, Brazilian – and ALL Women. Hehe. I’ve never been to that part of the globe, but surely will someday!

Thanks again for the work, Pablo – much appreciated! (And yes, sometimes, covering the monitor, or “dumbphone” screen can be the smartest thing to do, if just to avoid being in the doghouse or worse, hehe).

Cheers, and enjoy your weekend!

Mike Watson

(he was talking about it being hard to get used to India because of crowds etc, I think his REAL meaning is something else, but hey, I get it! Hehe. But crowds, yes, those exist all over Asia) …

So I think, Miss V will be the next book out shortly in Spanish – but really, whichever it is, either Volume 4 or Miss V – Beauty Salon, our translations are going great guns for sure!

Which reminds me, I gotta update the reviews page and the translations page, so I’m off to do that. Back soon!

(as for you reading this, I am sending you these reviews for a reason. GET THIS BOOK NOW – SO WORTH IT!)


Mike Watson


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