He loved it so much he stopped only to SLEEP!

Which of course, is something I rarely do when with some of the lovely ladies I’ve been with – even at NIGHT, late at night.

It matters not if Ma’am has had sex with her lover, and is ready to go to bed – or if she’s just exhausted and tired, and I’ve pressed her feet for a while …

It matters NOT if I’ve licked her ass for HOURS!

It matters NOT if I’ve based and debased myself (is that even an expression, hehe) – for hours – literally slaving away for her to make everything perfect…

When it’s night, it’s two things!

Madam sleeping comfortably, legs SPREAD wide apart – as I’ve written about so often!

I remember a friend of mine telling me this about drinking three large bottles of beer.

“Drink 3 bottles,spread your legs, be a pig, and go to sleep!” 

He left out the pig part, but we know how men are, boy!

Farting, “crapping in bed” (one of the Bozos contacts does that apparently and expects his woman to clean it up) (no wonder the relationship is where it is today) – pissing anywhere and everywhere, all over the place … women, even when drunk, at least not that I’ve known, dont fall asleep on dorm room toilets fully naked!

I should know, hehe. I’ve done that!

I still remember RACING for my dorm room that night, hehe (those were the “Indian Goddess” days, she had driven me SO INSANE with lust – as Madam Christina has now, that I Was literally drinking all day) … and a black guy in the bathroom curiously stared … at my racing, departing ass!


Luckily there weren’t other people in the corridor, it was LATE at night!

Sometimes they brought girls back. Hehe.

That would have been a spectacle!

But anyway, from pissing in bed to what I just described and more – MEN!

So why not a WOMAN – tired, exhausted, drunk after eating a meal I prepared for Madam falls asleep that way?

I’ve said this so many times before …

And at night, number two?

My job- press her feet all night long!

AND I SO ENJOY IT – PAYE LAGU, Memsahib – Ma’am – JI!

ALL OF the ladies, so NICE!

And as I look at Madam Su, who is on the cover of Madam Carrie – Volume One – that has just been translated into Spanish, I remember Carrie, the first day I met her, how those fingernails, those talons, drove me equally insane with sheer lust!

Of course, the story is mentioned in the book.

And she took control of me shortly thereafter, so no drunken escapades there – for ME.

In Volume Two, you’ll see how Madam did her own version of a party with several other girls – the only time I’ve had that happen, to be honest, before is with Priyanka Ma’am (and Pooja Ma’am, and the lovely Mansi – Ma’am!).

I haven’t written ont he latter two as yet (dedicated books) (That is a different Pooja from Pooja Memsahib … JI!)

But anyway, Madam, and those BODACIOUS LEGS!

As I sit here, recovering from a cold, here is “part of” what my translator Pablo, who does EXCEPTIONAL WORK! sent me –

As I was telling you, being isolated, I took advantage of translating as many hours as possible (to be honest, almost all day long, I only stopped to sleep). I hope the translation meets your expectations.

Changing the subject, I want to congratulate you for your book because while I was translating, I was immersed in the story and I even enjoyed it. I hope you feel like working with me again, so feel free to write me if you need to translate the other volumes. Thanks for the opportunity and the confidence, I really enjoyed it.

Best regards,


Now, part of the reason for the speed was he’s a teacher as well, currently working from home due to COVID etc.

But, I could tell he REALLY LOVED the book – lik eI wrote it in ONE sitting – he did the same with the TRANSLATION!

THAT is when you know someone LOVES The book – when they either read, write, or translate it in … ONE SITTING!

That is how ALL my books are, my friend – I dont blame her for loving it – and the sheer PACE of the book, more than that, the realism!

As with Owned by Madam Aa Ling, “Mai, my lovely Indian maid” – and virtually every other book I’ve written (and MANUAL!) – – all in the flow, very much so!

Anyway, he’ll be sending over a more exhaustive review soon, I suspect, and I’ll share that with ya’ll.

For now …

And speaking of Aa Ling … the book that has literally been rated as one of the BEST in the femdom fiction world (Except it isn’t all fiction, it’s mostly REALITY blended in with a DASH of creative license!) … 

Some idiot bought the book (a cheapskate) and refunded immediately afterwards (on Amazon). 

Yet another one of those idiots “gaming the policy” on Amazon, I wonder when they will crack down upon it (to be fair though, they’ve already started to do so).

I could go on and on about these sorts, in fact, I have before.

But really, friend, if you’re just looking for a quick wank, this ain’t the place for you.

You CAN wank to my books (And truth is, you’ll wank a LOT more because they’re just so HOT!) … but this serial refunder Bozo type (I suspect it was that Schofield clown in the UK) – NOTHING irritates me more than that.

But of course, thats fine.

The more serial refunding I get, the more real sales I make too – if you can believe that! Hehe.

Takes all types ..

But really, the book on Aa Ling is a world class and 5 star rated book, truly one of the jewels in my femdom CROWN (or underfoot DIRT, hehe) …

So you should get it NOW if you’re interested.

And that, my friend is that.

Off to raise the price for the book – to keep wankers away. Hehe.

Yes, my books are not “cheap” as most want them to.

Neither wil they ever be.

I’ve just raised the price for Aa ling …

Anyway, pricing aside – remember the Watson Faithful is by far the best femdom membership community out there -once you’re a member, you can literally get access to everything digitally … FREE!

So long as the yearly membership stays active, thats all you need.

And if I were you, I would not need any further invitation to join NOW.

And thats that from me.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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