A great – and longer review – for Madam Carrie, Volume 1!

Remember the last email I sent – you should, it was just a few minutes ago!

Well, I never thought someone would match my own speed of doing work until …

But first, a flashback.

Once upon a time, I worked at a small I.T. company in India – I did sales.

That company had a sales manager, senior guy – yet, he was unable to close leads handed on a PLATTER to him.

I joined – they expected me to take a while to start making sales, but it happened almost instantly!

Remember, Mike Watson works – in the flow – when he truly works, miracles happen!

(I used to work a sum total of ONE hour a day in a full time job, spend the rest of the time goofing off, and I still brought in more results than any of the others there – FAR more)

(Got a raise in six months flat!)

Of course, thats when it fell apart, ie the boss was a cheapass, and the minute he had to reward me for my superb work and talents, he didnt feel good about it – and of course, I left shortly thereafter.

Thats why I never work … full time for anyone!

Employers just act like FOOLS – and IDIOTS!

Actually …

I remember Madam Carrie once saying.

Men are such FOOLS!

And me saying the following.


I added in the “idiots”, hehe.

and she isn’t the only woman that says that about MEN – and she is damn RIGHT!

Men are such BUFFOONS for the most part, always thinking with little head, boy!

Ji, Malkin!

Yes, Madam JI!

You’re SO RIGHT, as always, and most of all SO NICE!

The SO NICE PART CANNOT BE OVEREMPHASIZED, the more dominating and mean you are, BRATTIER, the better!

Anyway ……………..

Y’all remember Pablo, eh, the fine, fine translator who could barely stop translating my books “took breaks to sleep literally, but nothing else” I spoke about in the last email.

Well, in that job they said some of this about me.

“No-one bangs out emails as quickly as Mike can, bang bang bang, and job DONE!” (remember, this was years ago too, I was always very good at this.)

“The boss is very happy with his performance! We never expected him to make sales instantly, but he did that! (i.e. they thought there would be a weaning in period).

And, then there was one instance where there was a hugely troublesome client, the boss and everyone discussed howt o best handle him – he listened to me (no-one agreed with me except the boss, but thats what matters, hehe as my operations colleague said “The Boss is on your side, that is what counts!”) …

And in the 15 minutes it took for him to drive back to his office (we were in another) – I had the email banged out, and done!

And they were  TRULY (I’m not kidding) in awe of it.

All true stories, all lovely flashbacks, but they pale in comparison to Madam Carrie and the abuse she dished out, I so loved it!

Paye Lagu!

She’s SO NICE!

This was supposed to be a SHORT email … already almost 500 words. I can’t help it, Madam drives me NUTS!

Anyway …………

Any and all praise I get … it doesn’t matter, because MADAM deserves it, even when I do the work. Hehe.

(like with my Miss V owned fitness biz, she does “F all” exactly – she runs her salon with her servants, but gets the money anyway, hehe, so it SHOULD BE!)

Anyway … again!

I asked Pablo for a more exhaustive review, before I could say “hallejulah!” – it came in.

THIS Guy is truly one that gets it, and as fast as ME!

Or faster maybe! 

“though that is not a foregone conclusion”, as a friend once told me about my brutal honesty and Trumps’s (I said Trump was more brutally honest, he said the above, and he’s probably right, hehe. Trump would probably agree!).

Hi Mike again, with this message I am applying to translate volume 2 of Madame Carrie.

The example to translate from the book seems interesting to me, I like the fact that in this second volume Carrie’s vision of the relationship of domination they carry is included in more depth. It is excellent. I put an estimated date of 7 days to finish it but I don’t think it will take me more than 3 days. You know the way I work, so given time, I’ll only stop to sleep. I will keep the same font, punctuation, italics, bold and formatting as the document you send me.

I give you a small review of why I liked Volume One:

“I enjoyed reading the book because in many moments of the story it takes you to be part of it, that is to say, one feels that what the main character lives with Madame is as if it were happening to you. The reading not only describes, but invites you to create with your imagination implicit situations, creating, as the author says, a world that is balancing on the thin line between reality and fantasy.

The reading is dynamic, inviting, makes you part of the story and leaves you wanting to know more details and more experiences in the volumes that give continuity to the story”.

I will look for more of your books because they are very interesting and I would like to translate as much as possible because there is nothing better and more pleasurable than working on books that attract you and generate passion in you.

Thank you for your words on my  score. What a pleasure it is to work with people like you!

(he was referring to the 5 star rating I gave his translation – hey, it’s TRUE!)

The punctuation part, often times when translating, things get lost not just in translation, but punctuation too – this is fine sometimes, as different regions have different preferences in that aspect, languages etc dont translate over right sometimes i.e. exactly (such as with Chinese), but for the most part, I prefer my guys (and gals) to keep the formatting “as it” – he did that.

Superb job!

And he’s DEAD ON RIGHT with regard to the bolded part – THAT – again – proves – HE GETS IT!

Yours truly –

Hi Pablo

Thanks again for the quick response – much appreciated!

YES, my books are all “reality blended in with a dose of creative license” – not the other way around as you can tell – and that is why so many people enjoy them, because (as another person Daniela once told me “your books are all so REAL!”) … I truly feel thats the best way to go about it!

Thanks for the review – yes, this is what I wanted, and as for the rating (translator rating) – I’ve already done that (5 star, and rightly so – you did a great job!) – please check and let me know if it showsas yet (I rated it before publishing the translation which I’ve done now too).

Thanks – and I’ll be approving the other translation offer shortly!

Mike Watson

Well, well, well!

A guy – albeit sissified, hehe – can’t ask for MORE!

He’s truly doing this in the flow.

Yes, Pablo, I know how you work – hehe. I SO DO!

Like me, almost…

Which is great to work with like minded people as well – indeed an honor and pleasure not just to work with all my translators, but also to SELL to you great customers!

Except the lookie lous, price wankers, freebie seekers, and serial refunders, ugh, for them I ain’t got no time.

So …

Hi Pablo

Thanks again – the sample translation looks great – and I look forward to going ahead with this one (I’ve approved the offer).

And you’re welcome with regard to the review – and it’s TRUE too!

Spot on – Volume two really starts to pick up the pace in terms of domination, and then of course, three – and four – you’ll love ’em!
(reminds me, I gotta upload all of those).

Mike (Yes, I know how you work – superb work especially considering the speed – so yes, the estimated date you’ve used is FINE!).

It truly does – the book DOES pick up even more speed and pace as you go along.

I never got around to finishing Volume Five, along with “Joyce, the Ultimate Queen“, it’s sitting on my hard drive.

Maybe someday …

For now, my friend two things.

One, this was supposed to be a short email, already over 1000 words!

And two, get the books above. 

Yes, they’re that damn good!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, all reviews left via the link you get in your purchase email means an automatic 10% discount for your NEXT purchase!

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