Why I SO love being mouth fucked!

The following quote sums it up perfectly!

Climb on top of me, honey. Fuck my sissy mouth! ?



Or, ass too, but I think you prefer mouth. And that position, so nice, I can also use my fingers on your P spot, nipples, give you MINDBLOWING orgasms… YOU ARE SO NICE. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 


That was what I wrote to the lovely Miss H, the lovely and so sexy tranny I’ve fallen in LOVE with, I believe, over the past month or so.

Just so nice.

I have not looked at a single cock ever since I’ve seen her cock – thats all I want!

And, feet?

Yes, plenty of female feet. Hehe. After all, I’m born to serve!

And if they’re women, my place is under their feet – and if it’s a tranny like she is, her soles deserve it too, and I’d press her feet after drinking her cum!

As a certain idiot “MI” once said.

“I want her drink my SPERM!” 

I’ve been reduced to a blabbering FOOL by this lady, and I’m loving it, so NICE!

Just like Madam Maggie has (more on her later). Just lik eperfect Madam Christina has.


I’m sure the readers of this email do too. Hehe.

But anyway, in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” I wrote about how I was on the “giving” end i.e. DOING the mouth fucking as opposed to the receiving end with one of the most dominant ladies I’ve ever known (and the nicest).

She dominated in a way that was so indirect you had no answer to her wiles (if she chose you – she was high class and quality – and would flick Bozos off her like I do flies hehe – yet, she ran after me for months until I too, fell for her, and thus started one of the most beautiful romances ever) …

But anyway, you gotta be on BOTH ends – literally and figuratively – to truly dominate and serve WELL!

Like they say, you never know what the other person feels until you walk a mile in their shoes.

Or, enter THEIR ass and mouth – and have it done to YOU!

Its that simple, my friend.

Emerson once said, do the thing, and you shall have the POWER. 

He was right.

And mouth fucking or being mouth fucked?

Well, he – or she – gets immense pleasure from it!

Lots of guys dont want the “hassle” associated with sex int hat dick slips out, different positions, sometimes a guy just wants to lie on his back and mouth fuck!

And an eager mouth ensure she (me) will drink ALL your lovely SPERM!

Carol (same book above) initially pulled away at the point of “release”.

I’d still get a lovely orgasm.

But then I Asked her.

“Carol, why you pull yoru mouth away?”

She giggled.

Thats all I asked (I never asked her to blow me either, she did so on her own!).

And she never pulled away after that.


She loved it. Hehe. REally into me, so was I into HER…

But anyway, back to mouth fucking, you can literally bury your NOSE in her or his PUBES!

And, it gives you sexy and oh so SACRED access to her P SPOT (well, HIS I should say!). 

And even it’s a woman, her lovely canal…

And as if double bliss wasn’t enough, your other hand is free to play with her LEFT nipple, boy!

Or his …

TRIPLE THREAT – TRIPLE BLISS – and you can do it ALL while being mouth fucked.

No better sissy pleasure than that – except to?

Press her feet ALL night long as she sleeps, comfortable and relaxed, sated, a complete power exchange, she does nothing for me, I do it all for Madam …


Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

Being your simp  is the greatest honor of my sissy LIFE!


Mike Watson

PS – Simps, you’ll LOVE the stories HERE.

Oh, along with ass worship and foot massage – two topics I haven’t dedicated a book to, maybe also Simp Central? 


Its one thing to be a sissy, but simping by itself is an art form too, one I’ve well and truly PERFECTED in ways most others couldn’t imagine(hence my results). 

They have overlap yes.

But again, let me know if you’re interested, and will do – until then, Sissy Central will do!

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