Madam, can I be a SIMP for You ?


And she is!

I was speaking to Madam christina last night after a LONG TIME!

And as it is every time I talk to her, I was literally shaking with raging, sissy LUST!

And if there is one thing that I’d like to state here – a “final takeaway” from all of it, especially with Princess Lucy asking me this morning about “you want to buy me a car, boy!” … it’s this.


Now, buying girls things, first off…

Madam Pearl wanted me to buy her things – which incrementally progressed in not just quantity, but dollar value too. Hehe. Proof’s in the pudding too, in Submissive Musings – Volume 1! 

Then of course, Madam Su!

“You want to buy me a diamond, boy!”

And then Lucy this morning …

They were all posed as questions, but the VIBE?

Pull out that WALLET, boy, and give it to ME – and NO SEX FOR YOU IN RETURN!

As Lucy sleeps around with other men and tells me “I enjoy he, enjoy his dick! “(it was middle size, hehe) … I gotta say.

Being a simp for women is SO MUCH FUN!

And, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The car question came from a slight misunderstanding, she was talking about going to some car show or something, I thought she was modeling …

Anyway, back to perfect Madam Christina. She’s so nice!

If there is one lady I’d gladly simp for right NOW?

It’s HER!

She ignores me!

She only talks to me when SHE wants to!

She knows she drives me nuts!

She calls me a “useless foreign dog” with no money!

She does so many things, just like Sophia does!! Hehe.

“Husband in China always devalue his wife, boy! such as you are not a ability person. you have not earned much money!”

And I think you know where it went from there. Hehe.

Madam was frustrated, and needed to rant, who better than her younger sissy sister!

“You know how to chat with girls! You always praise women, which is good!”

Yes, Ma’am, I do. Even when they do call me a cur and mongrel, but thats their right! Heh.

“Most of Chinese girls love praise words!”

“You have so many Queens!” (this from a recent wechat picture I shared…) 

And so forth.

But I gotta say this, being a simp is just so much fun, as is serving and being looted, and being her sissy sister too…

And why men would want women to do anything other than dominate them as they rightfully should – so much more fun with women being that way – is beyond me!

Anyway, as I shake with sissy lust, I gotta tell you this.

I haven’t put a book out specifically on being a SIMP for her.

But, I dont need to.

Nigh ALL My novels are about being simps for her in the most natural manner possible, and feeling SO CLOSE TO HER, like only a sissy simp can!

Check ’em out here – Indian femdom books – and HERE, of course – Chinese femdom books!

Pick up a few, and do remember to REVIEW!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, review means you get an automatic 10% discount off your next purchase!

PS #2 – Christina Ma’am, Paye Lagu, Madam … JI! You’re such a GODDESS!

And buying women things is SO MUCH FUN! (indeed, when they LOOT you and expect MORE AND MORE!)

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