Why you sissies and faggots out there need to “grip it like a man”

In ALL regards. Hehe.

Sylvester Stallone aka “super stud at the age of almost what … 70 now?? or 70 plus?) has this to say to guys who date his daughters – guys with weak grips.

“Grip it like a man!” 

Now, given what my fitness friend keeps talking about “grip training being more important than breathing, damn near” (and he is RIGHT, SO RIGHT! You train the grip right, and the legs, you train the whole body – few things contribute more to overall fitness and strength!) (and I dont mean grip as in gripping your dick every day and jerking up and down, hehe – some idiot “Bozo Schofield” once claimed on Facebook he did that or some nonsense – – I’m talking REAL grip strength, real man style!) … I can understand this.

And he then shakes their hand with the sly grip, and the limpies run off, suitably chastened. Hehe.

Sly has it spot on …

And he isn’t necessarily Rambo with them either, but he does the right thing, he’s trained his daughters pretty well physically too. (for a man that gets called out for being chauvnist and everything under the sun, well, it’s more proof that “success attracts trolls aplenty”. Hehe).

My fitness friend attracts plenty too …

Anyway … for you sisses out there, and you faggots, you might think I’d tell you to do what the girls in China do to tighen their pussies (I have NOT mentioned this in Sin City Compilations) – but they do things like hold fruits between their nether regions to “tighen the muscles around there!”

Sissies of course have naturally tight sissy holes…

But I’ll talk grip.

And I’ve spoken galore about how STRONG some of these ladies in China are – indeed, in a book my fitness friend wrote, some of them were made to do 500 fingertip pushups a day – most so called men can’t even do one, or get into the position for any length of time (yours truly can do plenty – thanks to my FRIEND!) … for the repetitive massage they had to do.

Sissies, and faggots, listen up!

Strong grip – not just for pressing her feet and legs all day and his!

Also for gripping his DICK right!

You heard me.

That handjob feels so much better with a tight grip!

Of course, if you do what Madam Bao Bao and some others did i.e. “do a shoddy job” and do a so called erotic orgasm or something which hardly satisfies the man (even ruined orgasms done right are far better!) … then it’s different.

but with a real stud, you gotta please him, boy!

And while your fingers need to be smooth to enter his lovely P -hole … and pleasure him like NEVER before while you suck him off, they need to be strong too!

Trust me on this one, hehe.

Alright, puns and all this aside (though really, strong grips are helpful and required, I’d say, for damn near everyone!) – here are the two courses this email pertains to.

One, Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – obvious why.

And two, of course, the Sissy Reader – the PREMIER tutorial for ALL Budding sissies out there, even if you’re accomplished at this, you could do better than to NOT read this!

I’m out.

Back soon.


Mike Watson


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