Her DICK – or her SOLES???

Madam, Paye LAGU!!

In Garima Madam’s bitch, the lovely, sexy, crisp tale that so many of you love (and y’all want a Sequel, I know, but for now, the Prequel will have to do!) (although plans for a Sequel are in the works – some MAJOR and BIG writing is going on here, but “Joyce the Ultimate Queen” will be the next out) … the tale starts with MAdam sleeping …

And yours truly i.e. the cuck at Madam’s feet – and her lover’s feet!

As the moon peeked in through the windows, I still remember the CONTRAST – his long, narrow yet thick uncared for SOLES – so manly!

His strong legs, that dick RESTING on top of his bollocks, and the balls were still full, the dick head was poking invitingly at me!

And Madam’s lovely pedicured soles, which of course I knew so much about – both before and after!

Thats explained in far more graphic and sexy detail in the book.

And, the story etc.

But it’s soles that do it – really do it – after her mind – and cock too!

Cock and feet, BOY!

Feet and cock … BOY! 

Feet, boy, FEET!

Feet !

Feet and COCK!

I wrote about it before, such a natural progression ie after giving him the most exquisite pleasure ever, using your tongue on him in ways you’ve never had done to YOU … giving him and his princely ROYAL COCK the attention it deserves, while your cock and balls gets ZERO – so sexy, such a turn ON!

But the bigger turn on for me …well, it’s Madam, Goddess, perfect Madam …”RENNA!”

She doesnt know I’m writing this – but she knows my infatuation for and with her, and if you’re wondering who sparked all the recent emails about trannies, well it was this LOVELY MADAM!

The way her phimotic cock just LOOKS AT ME!

The way it gets hard, pointed DOWNWARDS AT THE TIP – and TOP!

The way her balls are so dense, and creased, and the line seperating the two cum holders … 

Her lovely Asian asshole!

And the rest of her body – so feminine, and her FEET!!!!

madam , PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want her to cum. Keep cumming. The pleasure she gets, should always be magnified, and thats MY PLEASURE!

And after that, as she lays down, exhausted, legs spread wide apart, much like Garima’s boyfriend, except she’s a “woman”!

And she has the loveliest cock ever!

I wouldn’t just press her feet forever, I’d say Paye Lagu every time I did it!

Come to think of it, I say that anyway …

But she’s so gorgeous, my friend, so gorgeous!

And for more such tales of – well, cuckolding – check THIS PAGE out – and if you want full stories of femdom – check out our Indian femdom compilations – and Asian femdom compilations – you’ll love ’em.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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