For the faggoty “cheapskate” sort that thinks “no money, it should be FREEE!!!!” – and won’t cough up a red cent for anything… (except what they’re forced to)

Ugh, this type. I hate ’em!

And I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve received this –

Someone is interested – very interested in my products – lets say Nipplegasms – and how to achieve ’em!

I tell them about my manual, direct them to the page …

And bang

“No money!” 

Well, my friend, no money no HONEY as these lovely Chinese ladies like to say!

One of these “freeeeeeeeeee I’m always broke” sorts messaged me this afternoon, he was dressed in a “sherwani” I believe (not sure – it was somewhere in the subcontinent, but I knew – he wanted something free).

Sure enough, he sent me the picture – and my first thoughts?

“whats that dog collar around your neck”, Iasked.


That traditional dress looked like that! It’s a “kurta” or something in India, but he wasn’t even in India – Bangladesh, I believe?

Not sure …

I goggled (googled, hehe) – and I was right. Priyanka taught me well, paye lagu, MADAM JI!

Apparently his friends went to the mosque, he joined them to get some free liqor, and then bang – he wore his sherwani to fit in (to get the freebie).

Which is fine, if hes gotta be that way, but I cannot stand that type – in business.

Bozo Schofield types, basically (though this dude is a LOT better than the Bozo!).

Look, fella, and its usually men that are the real cheapskates.

If you think it should be all be free, like an idiot that once said “yo ushould teach me English for free because you learned it for free)” (newsflash you wacko, I did not learn it for free, and even if I did, what about you giving me something for free, or i in return??) …. well, then get on Twitter, and keep looking at cocks, feet, trannies, whatever turns you on.

But you’ll never get the REAL DEAL.

Attention from women, or dominant studs – or sexy trannies – you’ll never get any if you’re that sort, in fact any real person from that category is either consciously or not trying to REPEL YOU!

And you won’t attract either, unless you learn how to.

Dont believe me, huh?

Well, if you’re sitting there with just dick in hand for company reading this,well, proof is in the pudding.

But on a different note, back to Bozo Schofield.

My fitness friend knows him through a former friend.

And if there is – or was – ever an El Moocho, and CHEAPSKATE (in addition to all the other lovely (not) things this boy is) – it is HIM. 

“Glyn never pays!” 

I still remember my fitness friend telling me (what his other friend told him).

And he didnt when he pestered my fitness friend to buy him drinks which out of the pity of his heart he finally did … (he was just acting like such a LOSER – see pics on Twitter).

Of course, when it came time to pay, Glyn “couldn’t find an ATM”.

What a wackjob!

My stud friend knows it, Josie does, so do tons of other people, and what his friend once told him?

Apparently this faggotty Bozo was too cheap to pay the 1 kuai or whatever public toilets in China charge, and was sitting outside like a Bozo drinking cheap beer (my fitness friend bought it for him) on the curb.

And he wanted to piss on a homeowner’s gate or something.


What an utter LOSER.

I still remember my friend telling him.

“Dont be a FAGGOT, Glyn!” 

That probably turned him on too.

But anyway ….

Thats the sort I absolutely hate, and do all Ican to repel (and am pretty successful at it).

so should you, my friend, if you’re a DOER and TRUE femdom lover

Back later!


Mike Watson

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