The feeling of being filled is so nice, and SHE is so NICE!

I still remember, on the rare occasions I used to be able to get hard, and still have regular “sex”.

i.e. spread her legs wide apart, and go for it!

Or, as a SO once told me – lift one leg up in the middle of the night if you’r ehorny, and nail me!

(which happens to ME now, hehe – and it feels so awesome, but more on that later!!!!)

I find it interesting how men keep complaining their women dont give them sex.

Especially with me batting (pun!) all such requests AWAY big time, galore… Hehe.

Madam Ann, for one, explained in Serving Ann that she did NOT want to have too much sex.

But I think that was basically her boyfriend wanting it too often, too much, and not doing a good job of it all.

And to me, of course, Madam controlling how and when she had sex – was perfect!

“Madam, you should decide if to have sex or not”

She giggled.

“Only for health, boy!” 

(and, sometimes blowjobs, which she admittedly liked, at least with me..)

She liked WHACKING my balls too!

Not so much busting as WHACKING – OUCH!

With a thin stick, me bent over, sissy balls exposed, WHILE I was doing housework, and if I did not do a good job – sometimes even if I did!

Serving Ann and of course, the eternal favorite “Mai, my lovely Indian maid” … these two exemplify and explain SISSYDOM so well!

Anyway …

On the rare occasions I had sex, I remember the girls gasping with pleasure!

“Oh my!”

“Your thick!” 

And if I actually switched to normal mode and gave it to her, they’d be hooked!

Of course, yours truly sissy is far better at GETTING filled as opposed to filling, though I’ve got the equipment for both!

And the feeling of being filled is like NO other.

Last night, there she was!

She came to me in my dreams, and in a crowd, I believe she was kissing “another man” (whoever that was! Hehe).

No dicks, no balls, no nothing in that dream …

But then she kissed ME.

A sweet, lovely kiss – and her finger went straight – for my ass!

Believe me, ALL erotic dreams I’ve had till date involve SOME sort of cock and balls.

This time, no release, no orgasm, just a “oh so natural” finger in ass and I woke up feeling so good!

There is a reason I keep advocating butt plugs.

You dont HAVE to wear them, sissy!

The other rules in Sissy Central – far more important!

But, wearing butt plugs constantly is a great reminder of your status – your man pussy – being filled, that oh so lovely feeling, and of course, repeated sissygasms throughout the day galore, leaking, wet panties, and more!

Truly, this one tip takes you further along the way to becoming a real woman in terms of sexual feeling like anything else will!

And thats what I wanted to share.

Madam, you’re SO NICE, thank you so much!

And on another aside, I talked to Princess Sophia yesterday.

“I’m looking at my class schedule”, she went. “Too many classes, not good!” 


I dont blame her for saying that – especially with the brats “little stinkeys” as Madam says (some of those brats give her leg and foot massages though – remember the “Gurus” in Asia I wrote about? That filial piety is still alive and kicking in many parts of Asia!) …

ESL = bottom of the barrel nonsense basically, but Chinese teaching is a different matter altogether.

They’re expected to be real teacher, not monkeys…

Anyway …

I responded as such –

“Madam, you dont need to – or shouldn’t even be WORKING!”

“Your husband gave you a flat, now take all his MOnEY, MADAM! You deserve it, you know!” 

Her reply

“Just shut up, BOY!” 

And it was SO NICE, it felt SO GOOD!

Not so much because I’m a “masochist” as she later called me.

But because when Madam speaks to me in a humiliating tone, it feels so nice, she’s such a Queen, Goddess and so naturally dominant, as I told her ..

“Madam, it’s your NATURE that attracted me to you first!” 

(I also covered a bit on how she supported me publicly during an interaction with another girl – that has been explained in these emails before, and told the girl “to be polite please” – little did I know later… HA!)

(I should have added Madam right THEN! Dont know why I waited three months, hehe, but I guess when the time is right, it is – and just HAPPENS!)

“Madam, can you drink with me someday? “

The first got a coy “thank you!


“Not a chance, boy!” 

And as the rush flooded back, memories …

“You can never touch me or have sex with me, boy!”

“Go clean the floor, Mike!” 

“Take the trash out!” 


SHE IS SO NICE, she truly is!


Truly, so nice women like this – and they fill me so well!


Mike Watson

PS – Learn how to get exquisite pleasure like you’ve NEVER experienced, sheer karmic BLISS flooding your entire body – with the one and only most superb course on it – Sissygasm Central. 

PPS – Sophia is so lovely, the first time we met in person, I brought all this up, she just kept giggling away!!! Hehe.

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