Stern Madam Ji with glasses, upraised FINGER, BOY!


I just saw something most would overlook, a beautiful (to me) Indian lady I once spoke to, teaching an online class.

It wasn’t so much her, her red lipstick, makeup etc… it was the glasses – and the attitude, and as she raised a forefinger to “try and control the kids online” (online learning, and I’ve said this galore is mostly just a waste of time with these young kids – she was teaching young ones) …. OH MY!

Madam, PLEASE!

Paye LAGU!

I didnt say any of this, of course.

But I’m sure she felt it. I’ve spoken to this lady before, and she’s uber intuitive!

I wouldn’t be surprised if she is reading this NOW. Hehe.

And as the cool, sexy, Indian eyes moved around the computer screeen, I think she felt someone staring! Hehe.

Though she couldn’t see me…

But anyway, it reminded me of …

Princess Sophia!

That first time I met her, that STERN LOOK, so DOMINANT!

GLASSES – BIG GLASSES, long hair, and Madam was also – and is a teacher!

“You can NEVER HAVE sex with or touch me, boy!” 

“Michael, so tired, come massage me for hours!” 

“Go take out the trash, boy!”

“Go make me a SANDWICH, boy!” 

The last for some reason – I’ve written about that before of course – the SEXIEST!


And this lady didnt quite arouse that lust or passion in me.

Sophia did though!

Still does.

And perhaps ALL my passion right NOW is focused on the lovely Vietnamese (I think) tranny I “met” online the other day.

Since I saw her, I’m smitten!

I’ve been dreaming of waking up next to her, waking Madam up with a long blowjob. And before she sleeps, suck her dick and press her feet too, whatever Madam wants!

And I haven’t been shy about saying it, and she hasn’t been shy about accepting . Hehe.

Now, whats up with this you might ask.

Ladyboys, I’ve seen TONS of them before.

They’re sexy yes.

But, NONE have captured my fancy as much as this one did – and has – it’s Madam’s MIND, boy!

And her comments, so insightful and intelligent – reminded me of that fact.

Anyway … back to Indian ladies.

I can just imagine this perfect Madam feet up, glasses, looking at me, upraised FOREFINGER – that PROFOUND POSE I’ve written so much about!

Ya’ll that haven’t really need to pick up your copy of that book – NOW. Pronto!

And …

“Ja jake bartan maj!”

“Khana bana!”

Go clean the dishes and cook me a meal, boy!

(if I dog the – I  mean, got the – hehe – nice instinctive Tai po’s – hindi correct!)

I’m imagining that yes, and as I told a black stud the other day (I made him “blush” too – his own statement! – with my comments about his lovely dick andb alls and ass hole – here is what he said “Mike, I’m black, but you’re making me blush, and given I’m black, that ain’t easy!”) …

Imagination is indeed our creation.

“Naughty boy”, he “giggled” back. 

And I won’t even get into “come come barbie lets go party, hehe”.

But anyway, this sissy here is both Barbie and Lola rolled into one, and runs the BEST femdom biz ever, truly the Amazon of that niche.

And if all of this turns you on, my friend, and you aren’t sure what all the fuss is about?

Start with a couple of our great, bestselling and “oomph inducing” books on Chinese femdom HERE.

You’ll see what the “big deal” is!


Mike Watson

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