“Hello cow welcome to Henan!”

Madam, life is SO coming full circle, and my friend, if you haven’t already – read the last email HERE.

With that out of the way lets talk ..

Or, I couldn’t resist talking to MAdam Wendy again!

Of course, she suddenly got busy the last time,

Thats OK, when a Goddess says that, she’s waiting to see how much YOU run after her! Hehe.

I’ve often said running after something makes it run AWAY from you – grow wings, most likely and fly, while Schofield gapes on miserably wanting to suck my fitness friend’s large dark cock …

He loves it. HEhe.

You would too… 
You’d love his low hanging balls especially, I SO wish I could lick them …

But he doesnt love never being able to get any women does Glyn, despite his pestering, not running after.

EVERYTHING he does, they FLY away from him. Hehe.

I run after Madam’s, grovel at their feet, buy them things, and yet .. (despite the Bozo doing charity for women) – I get FAR MORE than most other men do, studs included. Hehe. Not that I’d want it, I’d rather lick stud asshole as he bangs, balls deep, balls SLAPPING, large dong in and out!

FIRMLY inside her, me at their – under – their feet – like with Garima MAdam!

If you’re the Bozo that refunded that book, well, you need to be cock slapped, an dyou’re NOT a true femdom lover.

But anyway, I had to ask Wendy if she worked at the same factory.

sHe does!

And of course, where she was from.

She won’t necessarily take me to a gay bar – YET. Hehe.

But, she will – and she’s already tantalizing me with her pictures, lips, and everything I so like!

“Madam, are you from Guangdong originally or Hunan?”

I felt she was from … “Henan!”

Well, I was close enough.

U’s and E’s aside, the next statement proved that again, the Universe was talking to ME.

“Hello cow, welcome to Henan!”

No doubt one of those lovely wechat translation glitches “foot in mouth” (I’d love HER feet on my face!). And in mouth, and speaking of the original Wendy, she was fat and old, but so bitchy!

And she spoke of her boyfriend all the time, and dressing me up for him, and taking me to gay bars…


And today, on Twitter, I saw another Goddess just like that, scraping the dirt off her shoes on a Bozo’s face. Hehe.

“How pathetic can you be, boy!” she was laughing out LOUD!


I sure am!

but anyway …



That strike a bell, boy?



And it isn’t about HOW to do the humiliation – Princess Joanie inspired Humiliation Central covers that …

(dont just get one of the books above, get BOTH .. you’ll see why, and get Cuck Central too – all inspired by HER!)

(she knows it, too. Hehe. I Can feel those cunning sly eyes BORING INTO ME!)

(like they did that first night… what a GIRL, GODDES!)

It’s about how Priyanka and her lovely friends did it for me!

I still remember them squeezing my man tits as I went Moo! And they collapsed into peals of laughter, and more …

… Wait a minute.

I know you’re leaking.

But, I’m not going to give it all away here, hehe.

IF you want some – get the INdian Goddess series, you’ll love it!

And I’m out.


Mike Watson

PS – Madam sent me some pictures of her “tiny village”.

Just two pictures of a field with corn, perfect for this cow to graze on, hehe. Moo!

MADAM, thank you! I’d lick your ass right NOW!

And give you my bank account, which of course is what it’s about! (and all true experiences therein, including the au naturalle and best ever at it, perfect Madam PEARL, thank God(dess) I gave her that name. Maybe I shoul dname Sue Diamond, since she wants me to buy her diamonds!)

I’ll keep y’all posted! Hehe.

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