Owned by perfect Mistress Virginia!

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Owned by perfect Mistress Virginia!

Spicy Erotic


I spoke so much about this lovely older lady – a truly dominant force of nature in this emails before!

And I lost touch with her over the past few days. For some reason, Madam deleted me, but instinctively, I knew!

It was a test, boy!

To see if I re-add her – and grovel again – and thank her for deleting me!

After a few days, I couldnt resist.

I did just that, hehe. My suspicions were founded – what a Goddess!

How many madam you talking to, boy! How you suddenly remember me!

The questions came thick and fast, hehe.


But you can’t ask her any, unless she wants you to.


No goose and gander here, and I LOVE IT!

Thats what femdom or any dom is all about. SO SEXY!

Then while talking to her, she asked the usual question. How many girls you been with, boy!

Or more accurately, how many Madam yo userve. 20, 50, 100?

My head was swimming. She’s so damn dominating!

Madam, not that many, not 50, not 100 … 

HaHAHHAHA… then 20, she replied!


Anyway, of course, the topic went back to her lovely feet.

You should have more than one man massage you, Madam, I said shyly. One for your head/shoulders, one your back, one for each foot! 

There was a silence.

You think too much, boy!

Do I? Hehe.

And then …

I prefer many men massage me, she said. So I can touch them, enjoy them.

JUST WORDS, those are.

But the impact they had on me … oh … my Goddess LAdy Gaga!!!!!

As for yours truly …

Madam, but I can’t have any other woman. 

The response was instant.

“You right! I kill you if you have other Madam!”

So true!

Madam Su in Cuckold Compilations said this too -except differently!!!!

MADAM, you’re so nice!

This morning, I want to talk to her again.

“Maybe next morning you find I delete you again, boy!”

The application process to be her sissy is indeed a tough one!

But I’m sure I’ll “succeed”. Hehe.

“What clothes you wear while serving me, boy!”

I wish I could wear Madam’s old clothes she’s selling, of course her old heels and pumps too!


So dominant, older Chinese ladies are.

Madam Susan.

Madam Jojo. Perfect Madam Jojo.

And now uber perfect Madam Virginia … JI!

Life’s good, boy!


Mike Watson

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