Noodle party!

Madam, you’re so nice!

I was surfing through WeChat idly. And I saw a feed – from a lady that admittedly a) loves to be fucked “legs up in the air” (she loves the black stud videos!) – and b) wants to “do with me”.

Now b), hmm, I’ll introduce her to Cuck Central! Hehe.

But for a – hey, I get it!

Even the most dominating of women need a good RODGERING – occasionally at least. They’ll be the first to admit that, friend. Hehe.

And if you’re part of the ever growing sissy lot that would do anything NOT to have sex, then you need to read the above book, DO what i said – and combine with the tips in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“.

Trust me, the indirect approach works best.

You can’t just go bonkers and fight with her saying “you dont do it for me!”

You gotta make HER want to do it!

Much like you did when you were courting her, remember?

Tis the same technique at work here, which is why it works so wonderfully well for EVEYRONE.

Anyway ….

I saw a screenshot she posted.

All in Chinese. And being WeChat has, for some reason taken away the translation feature they had I copied and pasted the extracted text to Google, and translated. 

“Noodle party!’ is what it translted to. 

I asked Madam what it meant.

She replied with ” ….. ”


I saw a video yesterday of several black bulls, LOVELY DONGS!! – and a single lady, she was loving it!

Maybe “Kate” was this lady. Hehe.

Nah, it ain’t the Kate a certain Bozo Schofield so loves to wack off about …

Speaking of which, he kept pestering my fitness friend about “the sexual tension between Kate and you”.

Like dude, my friend doesnt know her from Eve, she doesnt know him from Adam, the only reason they ever spoke was that from what yours truly gathers, her boyfriend was too drunk or whatever to handle a biz transaction (or perhaps Madam holds the wallet an dthe keys to it, I have no idea) …

But this Kate, well, I believe I spoke about her before!

Another Goddess, and she once sent me a picture of a large black “thing” dangling from her waist.

“My dick!” she giggled. 


INdEED! Right downt ot he color, and the lovely legs up on the dashboard she sent me too …

But anyway.

Parties – and noodle parties – are every sissy and cuckold’s dream!

Ms Priyanka often had HUMILATION parties. Hehe.

As did Madam Carrie, that lovely rental agent, oh so lovely – to be surpassed only by “Joyce the Ultimate Queen!

And those parties didnt necessarily have noodles involved, hehe.

Some did.

But a lot didn’t!

And the humiliation, THAT was the biggest turn on, them laughing!

Click the links above, friend, and learn (after you get the book) – how to incorporate said “play” into your life. Yes, even my fiction books are a guide unto themselves!


Mike Watson

PS – Don’t delay, friend. Those books above are gold, and I’ve been pricing them too low. I’m going to be increasing the price shortly, so get in while the going is GOOD.

PS #2  – Noodles, you ask? Profound Pose if any, the lady with a noodle hanging down from her mouth, lips painted red, boy! Or, putting the noodle in with chopsticks, hehe.

Salivating as yet? RED LIPS!? Trust me, cucks pay women big money to watch this sort of thing, including bananas!

For more such profound poses you can “wack to” and literally LEAK WHILE READING For a pittance, get the book on Profound Poses. You’ll truly understand the meaning of both words once you do!


PPS – And cucks, beware! The above in the PS #2 is a true story a 40 year old lady did with me, when I asked her to put my noodle in her mouth?

She got angry.

NOWAY, boy!

And she whacked me one to the balls, and that was that!

Remember, caution, CUCKS!

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