The perfect gift for cuckolds and sissies!

It isn’t so much used condoms – YUM!

Or used panties, or feet, or shoes, or just plain ole humiliation …

Thinking of used condoms dripping with cum makes me leak, of course!

Remember those guys that used to proudly claim “they reused condoms” and would share this info in a public wechat group – mine – “Keeping it Real in China” … ?

I remember almost puking once when I read that – but then I thought – hey. For cucks and sissies, thats a great gift!

And it is, friend. It truly is!

Jerome gave me plenty!

It’s interesting, but all the black dicks I write about, I dont believe I’ve ever written about Tyrone?

Maybe some day, hehe. Maybe a certain (ugh, what a menace that sissyboy is!) Glyn Schofield will tell us all about the Tyrones (and Chad’s) whose pants he longs to pull down (even those studs run far, far away from him – like my fitness friend does – now thats a REAL STUD! What a man! I’d pull his pants down anyday and suck his lovely lollipop like THICK MASSIVE DONG! 

He was once called an “Indian porn star” … for good reason!)

Anyway, this isn’t so much about any of that, as the perfect gift for cucks and sissies.

Before that though, a bit of a “disclaimer”.

If Bozo Schofield is reading this, he’ll cream his panties.

For some odd reason, my fitness friend wrote about this, this person “Glyn” (I believe thats his name?) kept ranting about washing machines at whichever apartment he was unlucky enough to inflict himself upon (the apartment, not him).

His apartments used to be filthy, mouldy, and overrun with roaches.

What you’d expect from basement dwelling Bozos that pester women with random messages, of course. LOSER! (and not sexually, I mean in REAL LIFE – though sexually too, hehe. He can’t even get it up apparently unless he’s faced with dick hanging in his face! LOL)

But anyway, washing machines, from what my fitness friend tells me were a recurring theme.

They never worked.

Apparently what he told Josie or begged or whatever, and then threw a hissy when she never agreed.

“Madam pleassssssssssssssssssssssssse! I want to do your laundry!” 

She of course pasted the same thing back.

“Sorry, I don’t want servant”

This from an uber dominant girl. Believe me, I should know!

And I DO KNOW, hehe.

I even know … ah, but I’ll leave the juicy sexy dangling dong bits for later…

But she’s tall!

Anyway, much taller than the Bozo, and anyway, so as I checked Jassy (remember her??)’s wechat feet today, I was struck by something.

Feed, not feet! Hehe.

Madam Anne sent me feet the other day after I called her a goddess about a 1000 times.

Her child’s. Hehe.

But she looks every bit the same girl as I met all those years ago!

Seems she still has the same feelings for me as I do for her.

“I feel very comfortable sleeping with you”, she giggled, after talking about condom sizes and what not. 

Of course, Madam did!

She never massaged me. I did.


She never got me water. I woke up in the middle of the night to get HER water!

I made her tea in the morning.

I pressed her legs all day while she was counting MONEY on her phone

the perfect Goddess, and her cuck, unfortunately, communication was why it fell apart back then.

Anyway, Jassy’s uber feminist.

I mentioned it the first day I met her.

“Yes, you right” she said. “Maybe I have a little of this in me!” 

But coming from a broken, violent marriage (the typical – mother in law and son VS wife – geez, I sometimes wonder, how different it’s been for ME, hehe – with my own Nazi feminist mother HATING me with a passion ever since I was born) … I get it!


Jassy doesnt cook and clean, boy!

But on her wechat, she posted a picture of a cleaning thingie – you know, one of those “Mr X” or “Orange” cleaners.

I was gobsmacked. This girl sells insurance, and the number of men that salivate (Bozo would jump off a cliff for her!) – is beyond belief (not really, hehe and she takes their $$).

But, as she said recently.

“business is just so so!” 

OF ccourse, for Madam, just so so may mean a lot for you and I. Hehe.

Madams need a lot of money!

But anyway, I thought maybe thats why she posted that.

I was wrong.

“Gift, boy!” 

is what she replied with.

Probably some offer or something, but it immediately struck a chord. It was the same cleaning liquid the lovely Carol once bought for me, and wouldn’t accept payment for (of course, why would she. hehe. She bought it for a purpose! Remember the cleaning lady … Remember the tales mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“? All TRUE!) …

So I Asked her.

“Gift for men?” 

I giggled.

And then I paused.

“Sorry, or is it a gift for me, Madam Jassy”.  (no n, hehe)


We’ll see what she says.

But she’s such a Queen!

So are all the others I talk of in my books on Chinese femdom, friend, and I noticed that YOU (yes, YOU reading this with goggle eyes) have NOT taken action as yet and bought the BOOKS.

You’ve invested in a lot of the manuals, which is great, I noticed that, and I appreciate it!

So does your Madam and Sir, hehe.

But the books are a must grab, friend, especially the Indian femdom books – and Chinese femdom books.

Take your pick – all GEMS – and must have’s – grab some NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – And please don’t make me ask you again, friend. These are rare gems, and SHOULD be on the bookshelf of every serious BDSM enthusiast! Never seen before stuff!

And if I had to tell you one to start with, it’s this – Princess Joanie.


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