The ultra BARBARIC “slavery” used by the colonial Brits in India – and how Princess, nay, MADAM GODDESS PERFCT MISTRESS Joanie used it on ME!

Madam every time I think of you … or every time I thiknk of her!

Madam, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Madam, is your foot size 36!


(she really tortured me on that one, wouldn’t show, she KNEW – but once she did, my balls for one knew them very well! Oh my, those strong kicks she AIMED right at the BASE OF MY BOLLOCKS!)

(Special technique Joanie used covered in Ballbusting 101)


Ok, friend.

Where was I now?

Ah yes!

So I remember a friend “former friend”, I believe, since we ain’t spoken in years, “Chuck” once telling me about how the Brits in India supposedly smeared young lads (India lads) with honey – so that they could follow them around when playing golf (to be expected, I suppose) – but also so the flies wouldn’t bother them – neither would the bees.


And to add insult to injury, with the “Dogs and INdians not allowed” sign they put up in Shimla, apparently the incentive for the “ruled” to do so?

And they did, apparently

Was the “honey” they’d get to “keep” afterwards!

My word, those were some times.

And not so far away either, and it happened everywhere – think witch hunts and crucification etc in the West (I still remember the Mel Gibson movie on it that gave me NIGHTMARES that night, no kidding!) years and years ago …

But anyway, this barbarism for slaves?


I Dont know, to me, Princess Joanie did it the best!

She made me massage her for HOURS.

She’d make me pour the wine – or the beer when she drank it!

She’d make me lick her perfect butt for hours, I still remember the hot sun in Hainan Island burning down on the BACK OF MY “red” (hehe) NECK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I truly became a redneck, and she laughed at me.

And when my entire body blistered painfully – here’s the thing, I’d be slathering copious amounts of suntan lotion on her (much like Madam Carol told me, my skin can’t get dark, BOY!) – and much as I’d leak copiously just TOUCHIGN HER BACK?

I wasn’t allowed to put even a smattering of lotion on myself!

My “fair” skin would burn RED.

The blisters would hurt.

And Princess Joanie?

When I even dared to mention it?

She’d spit at me, and shed give me one to the bollocks – and backside too as I lay there, whimpering in pain like I never felt before!

Truly, Madam, your kicks, that size 26 FOOT!

36, sorry …

And shed .. do what?

Prepare yourself!

She’d send me…

… into …


True story, friend.

And how I’d yowl in pain and she’d LOVE IT!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib. Your truly the best!


Mike Watson

PS – How I miss the era of imperalism, except I wish for “female imperialism in general”. 

and here’s the thing.

I dont know why, but you Dominas from the UK are … SO NICE, SO THE BEST!

All of you are.

But I dont know, UK, its more fetish friendly (I dont EVEN wanna get started on Bozo Schofield here though, he should literally be covered with honey and thrown in a pit to ferment, hehe – maybe he’d lose some weigh ttrying to waddle wallow out!) …

And you ladies, all of you are nigh GORGEOUS!

Paye LAgu, you deserve every bit!

PPS – Pick up Princess Joanie now, boy. Not the girl. Youll never get her! The BOOK, boy!

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