Why I so miss perfect Madam Virginia!

“Are you submissive, boy!” 

(without the boy!)

“If you don’t mind my asking, no offense!”

I’m distilling the Chinglish down into English, but you get the point.

“Madam, of course, I dont mind!” 

“Madam, thank you so much!” 

“Madam, if I may ask, why do you think I’m submissive!” 

Sage silence, and then …

“All man that call me Madam are submissive!”

Now, I covered this before HERE.

And no, simply calling her Madam isn’t by far the ticket to achieving submissive heaven as a male cuck, sissy, combo therein and so forth.

You gotta FEEL.

Words by themselves have no real impact unless they either arouse feeling – or HAVE FEELING behind them – deepest, darkest desires as I so like to say – except some aren’t so dark, hehe.

Like being a male “ayi”. (Chinese for maid).

“I do need a male ayi!”

I’ve been thinking of her all night long.

“I enjoy you press my feet, boy!”

“Cook needs to be good too!”

She’s so right!

And every time I think, I almost leak – nipple style – those nipples, my friend, are an INTEGRAL tool in your femdom toolkit – and let me tell you guys, the pleasure you can get from nipplegasms done right is like NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE!

Truly, thats the only reason I put out Nipplegasm Central … to teach you how (because no, not all girls know how to do it, and most men don’t have an inkling, because they’re stuck in the “it’s gay” mode. STUPID!)

But anyway … just calling her Madam ain’t the ticket. Bozo Schofield, if he’s reading, and if my fitness friend is – well – we all know that!

But she deleted me after all our lovely conversations.


I dont know.

Some of you might say “she didnt want to talk for free”.

I dont think so, hehe. We were going to meet – again!

Note too, delete on Wechat doesnt mean “block”.

Madam wants me to run after her – beg her – ask her why she deleted me … HEhe.

As she should. What a Goddess!

She even changed her profile picture. Hehe. NO more feet, but tennis shoes, as if that would dampen my lust any!

Most of all tho, it’s what I wrote about yesterday.

Being bitchy – uberly so – even in a non femdom scene!

Maybe I’ll run after her.

I so want to be her sissy, and cook and clean and press her feet, with NO requirements to “keep it up” or even have sex with her!

At Madams feet, and she’s royal and Gorgeous. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

In the meantime, remember to get Sissy Central – truly the one course to turn you into the sissy of your – and her (more important) DREAMS.

Serve her well, boy!

She so deserves it…


Mike Watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

PS #2 – Sometimes though, it’s best to move on.

I remember a lady Jane I met a long time ago, we even had lunch together. She was a great, great yogini – and her yoga, not her looks or anything attracted me to her, and I’d often learn from her (not at her feet, hehe) after my own workout which at the time was hill workouts.

But then we lost touch.

One fine day, I re-added a number on WeChat after an epiphany.

And there she was – it was her!

In 2019, I remember seeing a lady I thought was “oddly familiar”.  (while working out at the same spot I first met her in 2015/16).

She would look at me sometimes too, and I thought “is this Jane”?

But we never spoke again – until of course, that next WeChat message I sent!

Sometimes, life is odd. Things happen for a reason, and how I didnt recognize Madam I dont know – maybe she was a bit heavier, but I should have trusted my gut!

Anyway … !

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