The levels of devotion I’d truly go to for Madam, and have …


Press my feet THAT Way, boy! 

Rub here!

No, you fool! The sandwich needs to be made THAT way! 

(before throwing it back in my face, and I retreat, red faced, dripping to the kitchen. That actually happened once in a James Hadley Chase book – to a chauffer.

It happened to me too, hehe – to chattle! Princess Sophia…)

But anyway, Madam Susan, and all these other lovely ladies that both taught me what I already KNEW and drilled into me what I ALREADY KNEW i.e.

Talk to her soles, boy! Not her!

I’ve been saying this for a while now.

Every lady needs a foot massage done differently.

A “bigger” (I wont say fat, hehe) lady might need the arches massaged more in flats. She might need her calves massaged a lot more in heels!

If she’s got long slim feet, likely the balls need pressing!

And if its cute like feet like Susan and Carol had?

The entire foot needs to be rubbed, and squeezed!

As for Madam Carol?

I’ve written about this before somewhere I believe, but she took it to a whole different level!

Yes, the same Carol as mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland!

She’d often giggle as Iwoke up in the middle of the night, give a shy sleepy smile and pull her feet as I pressed her when I woke up to drink water, true servant style!

But before sleeping, she’d motion to her … right foot!

That needs pressing more, boy! It’s the driving foot!

And this wasn’t even in India where the chaotic traffic and pre ponderance of stick shifts – pun not intended truly makes legs and calves go numb especially if you’re driving for hours.

Trust me, it gives a whole new feeling to being in the zone and focusing non stop!

I did it, so I know. So I’m telling you!

Once I was done, getting OUT of the zone was tough. While having my whiskey, my hands kept moving back to an imaginary steering wheel, so stressful was the drive, so long was it…

China is a bit different though, and far easier to drive these days than before. And than India now!

Then of course, the umbrella!

We all know Asian girls in general love their fair skin.

Apparently dark skin in Chinese culture means you’re a peasant! So thats only for me, hehe.

But Carol took it to an extreme.

She’d often tutor me, as I carried both her umbrella and purse, true cuckold style, walking behind her , trying not to look at her lovely legs …

“The umbrella needs to be tiled this way, boy!”

At around 4 PM, when the rays changed?

(rays of the sun, not the lovely rays she shot me with, hehe)

“You need to hold it at an angle, boy!”

She truly drilled home the details of true submission. And this umbrella submission, I really didnt know!

Sure, I’ve always carried umbrellas, shopping and bags for girls.

Ever since I was a kid.

“Mike the macho man” I was taunted.

And the second is how I met the lovely Pearl.

“Why you want to help carry my shopping!” 

Little did she know, hehe.

But she KNEW!

It wasn’t her job!

And anyway, this brings to mind that eternal question.

One fleeting glimpse of a foot, a sole, one dominant word, that true dominant vibe… oh my!

Are there any limts the true sub won’t go to?

On that note, a cranky findomina (she thinks she’s famous, but she isn’t, hehe) recently sent me the following on Twitter.

“You have until 00:00 to tribute, or I’m blocking you!”

Sage. (ess). Hehe. Said with the deadline!

Oddly enough, she never bothered when I liked her posts, replied etc.

But she “copyrighted” one of her posts by puttng her name on her thumb (though Madam doesnt know – thats easy to remove if someone truly wants to).

And I commented on it.

That struck a chord.

And then what she said.

I thanked her for it anyway!

Needless to say she blocked me even quicker.

Why would someone do that?

The extent to which people get jealous of a business is beyond me, and the extent to which cheap asses thinking dragging others down to the tune of “me, me” will help them?

Beyond belief!

Anyway, I’m out. Back soon!


mike watson

PS – Read all about more real life stories of female domination in mainland China HERE.

(and dont be cheap and say I want to read for free. Hehe).

PS #2  – w.r.t the findomina,I get it. Business is tough, too many wankers out there. But truly a) thats not how to do business! and b) yours truly is hardly the average wanker, but Madam doesnt know that, hehe.

But I thanked her anyway, hehe.

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