Madam Josie lying on the bed, one foot over another leg, the SOLE visible, the LOOK in the eye, oh that LOOK!

That piercing, domineering, dominant look!!

I dont know why, but Madam was on my mind as soon as I woke up, and she seems to be arrogantly, brattily, yet “calmly” staring a hole through me right NOW.

The housework is piled. Laundry is. Dishes are. Everything!

Floor needs to be swept!

And Madam is lying there, on the phone, slightly irritated. Brats are SO NICE!

And I keep asking her.

Madam, but I should be doing your housework. 

She inclines her head. Ever so slightly, the look still in her eye, even more so!

YES, you should, boy!

Madam, you know it!I should be washing your dishes anyway!

Yes, you should!

… And so forth!

Most of all, the look in the eye, the “satisfied yet unseen smirk” … As she lies there, SOLE visible, and her cuck does all the work, and gets … zip all for it. Hehe.

Femdom is so nice, so are BRATS!

That pose I’ve mentioned above is one of the truly profound poses there is in femdom – but there are so many.

I’ve mentioned tons of them in a very popular book indeed – 17 Profound Poses that will get into your MIND – SEAR that look into your soul – and emblazon TRUE FEMDOM onto YOU like NOTHING ELSE WILL!

It all starts from the look, getting into your mind (remember, that lady saying to me all those years ago “your so easy to fuck with!” – she was right!) … and then of course, reinforcing it subtly.

Part of the way I sometimes do this is by having dominant images on my computer desktop or screensaver.

Of course, for femdom, or anything else, I dont have to have ’em!

It’s all about what you think, feel, and want in the deepest recesses of your soul.

And you’ll attract that no matter what, boy!

And right now, Josie. Princess Josie, the older lady, but still such a Queen!

Those lovely red fingers, she’s showing me her nailpolish, then the middle finger!

And of course, Princess JOANIE!

“Madam, you’ve got the most beautiful feet in Southern China” (and I was being honest, and thats saying a lot!). 

“Many words, boy!” 

(to all my groveling odes to her on WeChat and pleas and BEGS to her to take my money and buy her things …) 

And she was demanding!

I’d buy her shoes, and …

“Why you buying autumn shoes! It’s summer!”

… Then, after I bought them …

“I dont like ’em!” 

And then, along with the LOOK in her eye that I still remember so well, cold, cruel, calculating, sexy, such a turn on, the look that HOOKED me from the word go before a single word was spoken either in Chinese or English …

“Then buy me a dress … BOY!”

You findom and humiliation lovers would love Princess Joanie!

And thats why I wrote the book on her.

Perhaps I’ll do Volume #2 of Profound Poses as well, we’ll see.

But for now, feast yerself on all else we have to offer.

There is a LOT!

Paye Lagu, Madam .. JI!


Mike Watson

PS – None of this would be complete without what I just did, a slight nipple flick that got the blood ROARING (as if it wasn’t already). Nipplegasms my friend are truly the best – YES, you real men out there SHOULD have your nipples played with too, no, as I’ve debunked it so many times, it’s not “gay” (whatever that is!!) (unless it’s Madam calling you gay, in that case it IS!) … And it can be worked into so many other forms of ruined orgasms, sissygasms etc.

Pure joy and bliss, and Chinese women are naturals at it, do it the best, as they do FEMDOM!

Pick up the course on it right here and start learning today – – Nipplegasm Central.

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