The Queen that smoked, drank, and took my CASH . . .

But let me back up!

I dont know if I mentioned this before. Probably not, and if I have, not very “much” if at all.

Unlike my sissy loads which keep spurting in my pants as I think of this Queen, and many others, including one I saw on Twitter yesterday.

But this is about a Chinese queen.

A foot massge worker!

Remember what I kept (keep) saying about serving ladies of the night in China, foot massage workers, maids in the subcontinent, the most “downtrodden” lot externally?

IT’s a lot more fun for a lot of reasons, and the Pooja Memsahib … JI! series is prime proof of that, as is Garima Madam – both the book and the prequel. And of course, the bestselling Indian Goddess series!

But anyway, she was a massage worker.

I added her on Wechat, then left.

We didnt speak for years.

Two or so years later, I messaged her out of the blue (I wasn’t sure who it was).

She replied back, and I remembered.

I asked her about how she liked her job, how she “felt” about it, and so forth.

Got all the standard responses upfront.

“I love serving people!” 

“I love to massage their tired feet!” 

But anyone thats been to those places in China knows the reality is the exact opposite.

Overworked, crouching on tiny stools, fingers and hands aching like nothing you’d ever think … lower back issues … some of the massage workers that treat you for so called health ailments are themselves, not by choice either necessarily, at least not conscious choice the unhealthiest ever.

IT didnt last, of course.

Pretty soon, I was talking to Madam about her life, her feet, her soles …

“I’m drinking! Press my feet, boy!” 

Or … “Get me a pack of cigarettes!” 

or … “I want dinner! Order me something now!”

And of course, her husband, who she left because he had no money (whether or not that is right or wrong is a different issue, but I suspect there were other factors involved).

A lady with the “coldest” heart ever you’d think.

In many ways, that was true.

Given what she’d been through though, I didnt blame her …

And then of course, the one night she finally “came over”.

“You foreign slave boy! Do you really want to wash my feet and drink the water as I spit in it later!” 

(thats what it translated to, hehe).

“Then pay me 1000 RMB!”

The rate, by the way, for regular massages, sex etc if you wnted it was around 250 or so! Hehe. Meant to be paid LATER, not upfront as she demanded (and of course, Madam got it in a trice, lol).

(that was 2017, so she’d ask for 2000 plus now)

She would probably get it too.

“I dont know if I’ll have sex with you! If your dick is too big, I wont!”

Little did Madam know …

… Or maybe she DID.

Maybe thats the entire point!

What a Queen, and there are so many more such instances I want to mention in the Sin City Diaries compilations – or by Volume (which is how it starts anyway).

For now, get your paws on the books above. You’ll love ’em, especially you brutal domination lovers!

(not necessarily physically, but the MIND is the best part, I’ve always said, and the most potent ever).


Mike Watson

PS – After I posted something on Twitter about web design (a superb Goddess and Domina apparently wanted one? Not sure .) – I receieved emails to the tune of “Can you build site for me”.

Mike Watson is an IT expert, yes, but he stopped doing that a long time ago.

I might consider it though if I’m compensated well, but otherwise, I’ll just be happy writing my books and promoting my content etc!

Paye Lagu!

Reminds of me a lady – a lovely, lovely lady currently in Australia who asked me to build a website for her (she met me through a free WeChat Group I had on BDSM) “in exchange for her shit on a plate”.  (and she’d dominate me too)

Such a queen, and Goddess!

But nah, Mike Watson doesnt do that. Only paid work, hehe, and IF I do it is another matter altogether!

But I still thanked her anyway, hehe.

PPS – This Queen had a business. A clothes store! And she set that up with her husbands money, then lik ePearl (who took an old man’s iPhone, then ran away) – she divorced him promptly!

Such a perfect Goddess!

But stil lnothing compared to  Pearl, who even cuckolded me with gay abandon (and taught me not all Chinese cocks are tiny, hehe).

More on Pearl here – Submissive Musings, and on Princess Sherry and the others – well you gotta pick up the compilation!

Princess Sherry, truly one of a kind, do a search on the blog, you’ll see!

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