Why size and shape BOTH MATTER!

I’m sitting here idly flicking my nipples!

Thinking of a certain black Master’s dong that I roundly praised up and down, that made me shoot loads in my pants without touching anything or sissygasms, that is just so SEXY – and the cock ring?

Well, Master said in his Twitter bio he’s smart.

He is!

There are other cocks like his. Just as luscious, as sexy, but the cock ring makes his stand out!

Though yours truly cucked recognizes men by their lovely dongs (like I do women by their soles – talk to her soles, boy!) … (though the dongs don’t tell you the story of the guy’s life – the soles do though!) …

(and truly, if you’ve been to Chinese foot massages, you’ll understand the truism of the latter, in more ways than one)

… But those dongs, especially his?

Club shaped dong!

Jerome had a similar wang, and he’s often slam it down on my nose (the bridge and tip both), and he’d laugh.

He’d dick slap me with it, so heavy was it, it felt like one of those Indian clubs my training buddy writes so much about!

And he’s probably too, as his friends have told him (my Indian friend who does fitness) got a 10 inch cock. Hehe.

“Is that a cock ring for your 10 inch cock“, a guy once laughingly asked him about a bracelet he was wearing that he was “reluctant” to take off during a sparring bout.



I ain’t sucked or seen his.

But its probably even more luscious, but here – the shape – does matter!

Banana cocks curved upwards – lend themselves to worship, starting from the bottom of the head!

Those club shaped dongs?

You just want to put the whole dick HEAD in your mouth and suck and slob!

The long cocks cut – and uncut – the STRAIGHT ONES? 

Yo ujust want him to fuck your mouth with them, the head hitting the back of your throat, making you GAG, sissy!

The small ones?


Good for laughing, those stublets, and precious little else (well, “release” too of two forms. Hehe).

No sex, thats for sure, with the cocklets, dicklets, and STUBLETS.

Truly some of you guys have such tiny penises it ain’t even funny, and it IS funny and hilarious!

You know what I mean. Hehe.


Lets face it, cuck.

Would you rather suck a large mammoth dong, or a decent sized one? Or a teeny weeny jokelet? 


Doesnt the shape – different penis shapes – turn you on?

My personal favorite is club shaped dongs but that could change!


So, size matters, boy – so does shape!

It matters in terms of your body too – you sissies need to be in shape to wear those girly clothes, and of course, studs do!

Fat – NO!

Slim sexy waist – YES!

Massive muscles – NO!

And so forth!


And thats that from me – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the definitive course on cock worship and God (dess) knows I’m qualified to write it – cock Worship for Sissies and faggots – I wrote it without taking a breath, like I am now, and like I do when slobbing knobs, hehe.

PS #2 – – I just remembered! Master Kendrick, I dont talk about him a lot and I’m calling him Master, but he was my friend I met inGoa, but he’s so sexy with that jet black COCK of his that I sucked that night … he deserves the Master tag, but anyway, more on him – and BLACKMAIL for my faggoty cocksucking ways in the immensely popular tale – Meeting Ms. Chen. Along with Owned by Madam Aa Ling, these are two of my earliest and best – and classics.

You’ll want to grab these NOW, friend.

PPS – almost forgot to say (so much to say!)

Shape and size matters for her feet too, boy! You have to massage her soles accordingly, and her calves too!

Long soles, and if she’s wearing high heels? The arches! Broad feet, in tennis shoes? The entire foot! Slim slender small feet in impossibly tight fitting shoes like Carol? Well, you press the balls, boy!

And so forth. It all matters!

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