Would my bank recognize me with a “facial” ?

Yours truly got the option – the FIRST TIME, I must say … on a banking app to provide a “facial login”.

No doubt it’s there on others, but these banks are nothing if not innovative – some. Some are just AWFUL – terrible.

And some ads are too – the foot massage ad that I wrote about so much the other day!

All on my Twitter feed, you can find it. And perhaps here too! 😉

But anyway, facials …

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I love ’em!

I love taking cock, and being on the recieving end of it.

I love cum in general – men’s cum, and even my own sissy ejaculate being fed – smeared on me – and as Ms Priyanka made me do, brush my teeth with it – shine Master’s shoes (boots) with it (now thats humiliation! Jerome – Master – Sir – Jerome, thank you, and the dong you have and your balls for producing the cum, and the dong for transporting it – I’m truly priveleged, Sir!) (and thank you Madam su too!) (for being the perfect Cuckoldress EVER!) …

And I wear glasses!


Anyway, I dont know.

My apps hardly recognize my photos – ever.

Even selfies taken from one moment to the other.

Then passports. Immigration for some reason never recognizes me on my pictures!

I’m one of those rare – I suppose – people like that whose pictures keep changing, and who looks better in real life than in photos!

As a certain Linda, and many others once told me …

You are much more handsome than your photo!

Which I never posted here. Hehe.

But anyway, thats obvious for a sissy. We all love cum.

And though you might think I shoudl have put it as a rule in Sissy Central – I didnt.

You might think it should be one of the main things in Cuck Central and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots?


You might think Humiliation Central!

YES, but I haven’t mentioned it directly!

And that, my friend is what sets Mike Watson apart.

True, from my emails and Twitter you might think and you would be damned right, I’m highly sexed.

Like Napoleon Hill said, all successful men are highly sexed! (Think and Grow Rich) ..

But I focus more on the mental.

To me, I dont want people to just jerk off to my books – or pics – or what not and run away being Bozos.

I want people to read, assimilate, learn, and then DO!!!!!!!!!!

I want REAL femdom lovers.

Therefore, I focus on the CEREBRAL aspect.

Something MOST people, if not all miss – guys mostly.

Ladies, you know what I BE talking about. Hehe.

Anyway, I’ll be back!



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