Kissing her right after you cum in her mouth?

Or, for you sissies – HE DOES!

I thought about Madam Su last night, that lover of black dicks and long thick cocks in general, and how she had me “pegged” right from the start!

“If you can’t please me in bed, boy, I’ll find other men, but you cannot have other women!” 

“You can press my legs, you can wash my clothes too, but for heaven’s sake don’t RUIN ’em!” 

(She probably knew how excited I’d get!)

And I’ll always remember women that sucked my dick – but “wanted a bit more” – or me “cumming early” or “is this make love, boy!”

And so forth.

Not to say I didnt cum a lot when they did it.

I did!

But it always had feet involved, soles involved, and nipple play – ALWAYS!

Real man sex, the kind women really want?

I couldn’t ever stay hard for more than a minute, if even that, and that too when thinking about other men’s cocks and balls, their assholes, her asshole!

“You like boy’s penis, you’re useless except to give me money!”

So right was my SO.

And she’s looking for others right now. Hehe.

But anyway, a loooooooooooong time ago, a girlfriend of mine, me and a friend were sitting in his truck.

We were drinking, I believe …

And he told us a story about how a guy’s girl sucked him off, and then right after – she asked me to kiss her. 

Ewwwww! He finished off. 

My girlfriend seemed to agree.

But I … I dont know. I thought two things.

One, of course, the sex part, but two, why not kiss a woman after she gives you the most ultimate and exquisite pleasure ever?

Next to sissygams, of course, and if you combine the two …

In “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” I detail many experiences which might not even come across as “femdom” to the casual reader – if anything, the opposite!

Especially with Carol and some of the other ladies who LOVED sucking cock.

But I’d always kiss them afterwards.

Admittedly they’d (themselves) rinse their mouths, but even if not, I’d kiss ’em!

And of course, stud cocks cuming in her mouth, and tasting his juices?

Or, as Su often did, TWO men cumming on her – and in her mouth – and her ass – and wherever, and the different tastes of man juice!

Oh my!

Yours truly sissified got SO turned on that Those were the times i.e. sloppy seconds we actually had some great sex, my cock in another man’s cum as she jeered at me, and of course, I Came too quickly – and I’d lick it all up later!

Then I’d bring them beer, and more …

It’s so much fun to embrace who you really are sexually!

And as I’ve been saying on Twitter so often, and in Cuck CEntral and Sissy Central (must grab courses) …

Labels are worthless.

We know you secretly crave black and long cock, boy, and you flick your nipples and cum in your pants looking at them, and thinking delicous thoughts about them!

Claude Bristol once wrote in his famous book The Magic of Believing, if you work for a man – then for heavens sake – work for him!

The same applies HERE!)

Why not just submit fully!

You know you’re no good in bed.

So .. be good as a sissy!

And for heaven’s sake, learn how to suck dick well first (no, bobbing up and down on his shaft isn’t the best by far!). Learn how to please Master – it’s one of the best things you as a cuckold and sissy will EVER LEARN!

And keep them all happy, yourself included.

And that, I suppose is the message for this one!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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