Dreaming of Master’s package . . .

This puts a new twist to sissy love!

It sure does, hehe.

But it might surprise some people – or maybe not – that one of my favorite “tasks” (it isn’t – it’s a privelege, and I’d kiss Master’s feet for it!) (and Madams too!) … isn’t simply to gaze at his dong, leak and spurt while desperate to suck it (but I’d have to lick his ass FIRST, I know that!) … and his balls, and think about how to pleasure him the ultimate manner … (and yes, put a finger up his ass too – STUDS – the course on SISSYGASMS is for you too – because the P spot for men is a spot EVERY MAN, stud or cuck should have played with!).

If you’re a cuck, you get hammered back there, and thats your primary source of pleasure because yo unever ever use your dick.

I dont even touch mine except when to pee. Proofs in the pudding, as you can see from the load I shot in my underwear the other day while looking at a Black Master and God’s long, thick black cock and the CROWN of his cock, so proud, but they all are, I feel my balls welling right now!

If I touched my nipples, I’d spurt!

And so lovely would the ruined orgasm be – ruined orgasm cum – nipplegasm – another FANTASTIC way for a sissy to be pleasured! …. that I’d be hard again right after!

Sissygasms, ruined orgasms, but especially nipplegasms – the last is most ignored.

Big mistake, friend.

and no, “its not gay”.

My fingers hurt from not just pressing Ma’am feet all night. But also explaining this “gay” nonsense!

Anyway, back to sissygasms.

If you’re a stud, you get your cock and balls sucked while getting fingered or while having sex with her!

Believe me, MAster, if you’re reading this – the load you will shoot if you do it right – ROPES OF CUM – and the sheer bliss – and ectasy – gotta be felt to be believed!

Not to mention the “Sacral chakras” being unlocked. Sissygasms extend beyond the mere physical – they connect you to what “is” at a deep level NOTHING ELSE CAN!

Anyway …

his package!

One of the loveliest things about being a cuckold is seeing the bulge he makes in his underwear, or jeans!

Dreaming about how that cock will look, how curved it is, what shape, how thick, how lovely is the head and how it stands out, is he already hard, will it stomp me on the nose, and so forth …

And of course, THAT moment when you’re finally allowed to pull his pants out – either by hand or mouth – and out plops a DONG!

A stud dong.

But the longer he makes you wait, and the longer you see the outline of it against his underwear, the more you salivate!

Master Joo, my Korean Master often walks around in his underwearm and I cannot stop leaking looking at his smooth sexy skin, his ass, because I want to keep PARTING the cheeks, but the BULGE in his underwear!!

And when I’ll be allowed to take it down …!

Which is often!

Cucks, if you’re reading this … well, you know.

And Madam … You know too!

So do studs, hehe.

And I’ll be back – in more ways than one ! 😉

Best, MW

PS – Some of my stories on Indian femdom include not only EXTREME cuckolding, but also other things – check ’em out now!

PS #2 – And of course, “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” – the critically acclaimed book, and true. I miss Aa Chie (her real name) so much! I never once had sex with her, but she kissed me so nicely. Muah!

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