That slight giggle, and more at his PAIN!

And his laughter too, in case there’s men involved.

But, more than him laughing – that holds true mostly for humiliation, boy, while you’re gagging on his lovely long cock and yours locked, its HER laughter that counts!

And is a true turn on.

This really should be an addendum to the last post I wrote on ballbusting.

And most miss it.

But it’s not so much about feigned cruelty as it is GENUINE mirth!

Madam giggling – uncontrolloably – involuntarily – as you sissygasm!

As you BEG to hand control of your BANK ACCOUNT TO HER!

As you talk to her on regular social media, your vanilla self and beg to kiss her feet anyway, and she laughs at you i.e. what the hell! 

(Even to this day, I BEG her to laugh at me, and thank her for it – “Madam please laugh more at me!” “Madam, you SHOULD laugh at me!” )

As you get your balls busted, and the pain makes her giggle out loud i.e. look at that! Hilarious!

Sadism combined with true ENJOYMENT, I’d say – physical or not – and I love the mental the most, but without the mental the physical is no use, but it’s those lovely titters that really turn me on !

I’m sure YOU TOO, cuck!

Anyway, had to say it.

I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – THIS is what the entire Submissive Musings series, and Sin City Diaries series was founded on. This concept, more to come soon.

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