Why WeiJia Jiang is such a perfect Chinese GODDESS AND QUEEN!

It just shows.

She’s such a Queen despite not being one, but she knows it!

Anyway, I first saw this lady last year in her interactions with the then US President Donald Trump (who in my opinion was the best president ever – but this isn’t about politics!).

Trump once famously came out with the comment “on women are the most aggressive, and you have to treat them like shit”.

…. !

I admire Trump, but this isn’t about his comment.

It’s about Madam’s interactions with him as a reporter from CBS News.

I dont know if you’ve seen the clips, but they’re classic!

Madam is just ARROGANT and DOMINEERING when she talks to a “real man” (which Trump is!) …

And the way she looks at him makes my loins quiver, especially her angry tone and the “how dare you offend me, BOY!” tone she used with Trump when he asked her to “Ask China about the pandemic”.

Which he was right.

This lady, my friend, is a classic example of femdom in real life, right down to those lovely accustatory eyes of hers!

(I must admit that politics aside, I watched those videos for their interactions – a CLASSIC not just marketing wise, but femdom wise!)


Made my loins quiver, I’ll say that, just listening to her arrogant and “I’m superior” attitude and … well, looking at her overall!


You femdom lovers will love it. Hehe.

You male dom lovers will react as the Best President ever did, and rightfully so …

But anyway, for those in the middle and kinksters – – YOU DECIDE!

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – We are currently having Humiliation Central translated in Spanish. YES! (and if you’re into humiliation, I endorse this book highly. Do pick it up NOW!)

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