The load I shot last night – it was SO huge that it dripped down my waist!

That dude I wrote about. Dude I couldn’t sleep until 4 AM thinking of!

Sexy Chinese Master that I sent Mistress Lucy a picture of!

And his waist, I wrote about the sexy waist – fat free – slim – with abs poking out – just like Mistress defined handsome!

“Handsome, Slim, with abominal muscles, OBEDIENT!”

The last two were the best!

“Madam, I couldn’t sleep all of last night”, I said, grinning as soon as I woke up. And I was being honest – I barely could!

“Madam, you’re wearing pants today, right? Or dress?”

The dress was added in as an afterthought… hehe.

She was wearing pants!

“Madam, I want to shine your shoes, iron the clothes, so you can look sexy for sexy men with flat stomachs!”

Her reply –

“You’re so friendly! You dont’ need to do it!”

Of course I dont need to, Madam. But I WANT TO.

You’re a Goddess, and it’s my job to polish shoes so you can look sexy for other men!

All these thoughts, combined with perfect Ivy Bao were swirling around in my mind, and even after I wrote to you last night, it was all I could do – NOT TO CUM!

And then I had to.

One stroke!

And I came.


I tweaked my nipples in the Watson patented style as I came.

I didnt just cum.

I gushed SPURTS!

BLOBS of cum, and they were running down my sexy waist and sides too!!!!!

Cleaning up took forever my friend.

And I’m still horny, because it was a semi ruined orgasm.

And thats the power of ruined orgasms, and sissygasms, friend.

Get on the sissy train – and you’ll never ever go back!


Mike Watson

PS – Those gobs of cum were thick, creamy. The ONLY time I can remember cumming that much is with that LADY from Sin City Diaries – the one who looked at my cum on her pristine palm with such sheer and UTTER DISGUST.

oh my!

Read the tale in the compilation HERE.

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