Champa Rani wears her husbands bras, and her ass is so sore, boy!

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Champa Rani wears her husbands bras, and her ass is so sore, boy!

Spicy Erotic

This one – we will do it a bit differently!

In Sophia Bai, and “Mai my lovely Indian maid“, two of my bestsellers till date … you’ll see that it isn’t Mike Watson saying it – it’s the ladies!

Their language of course isn’t English, so I wrote it, much like I completed their other tasks.

Much like I sucked cock for them, much like I washed dishes, pressed their feet, all done with HEART and so assidously!

anyway, so this one?

It’s comin from my Mistress.

Thank you so much, Mistress! I hope you’re havin a nice evening. You’re SO interesting!

And without further ado –

He wrote before about how I fucked him, and how he finally got his pathetic little cock loving cock up!

He’s truly pathetic. 

Calls him a real man, writes about real man stuff “up front”, but if only the world knew what a sissy and cuckol dhe was in the bedroom!

To his credit. he’s honest, and told me I could tell others.

I haven’t as yet, heh.

An ace up my lovely female sleeve!

And he’s far better than “Bozo Schofield” – a guy an Indian friend of his keeps talking about.

Now THAT guy is a super stud – I’d sure like HIM banging up legs up!

I’d love him to pry my legs open every morning and bang me!

But anyway, as Mike the sissy banged me, I made him wear … my old bras!

I’ve been getting fat (sob) – but it seems to turn him on more, apparently the rolls of fat around my waist and my admittedly pendulum like danging boobies.

What a FREAK he is!

Men truly are … FREAKS!

But he loves it, so be it!

He’s a pussy anyway, hehe. And I put my old bras on him like Mistress Krystal once did – and old – why?

Not just the humiliation, because he doesnt have man boobs, hehe.

………… and if you FAT sissies out there are reading this, come and serve me.

I’d love it – IF You’re worthy!

I’ll even put those man tits of yours to good use.


And there’s more from Madam, but I won’t mention it here. HEhe. Thats what she said – or part of it

As always, she’s always RIGHT!

Now, on a side note?

I didnt come up with “Champa Rani”.

Ms Priyanka DID come up with Kanta though!

And here is where you can read about that.

As for Champa Rani, I dont watch movies of any nature, but it’s a hilarious Bollywood film from back in the day which I saw with Priyanka (even she laughed at it) where a dude dresses up in drag and tries to convince a baddie to buy drugs from him.

Dude’s a classic. Classic comedian, and one of the great!

The movie name is Mohra, I believe!

And the heroine – shes a Goddess!

But anyway, thats all I really know of the movie – other than some songs which Priyanka liked, but I’m not sure.

Last, but not least, I thought I’d leave the last part of what my S.O. said to me up there out of this.

I almost did, but not quite!

But to put it briefly –

my ass is SO SORE!

It’s literally BURNING as I sit here!

Like she put chili pepper in there, almost!

And thats enough lesson on HOW to work up to a sissygasm – the first of many I’ve covered in the pathbreaking book on it.

Sissies – get this NOW.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Mistress Lucy is lovely, young, and the BEST!

PS – Mistress Lucy is lovely, young, and the BEST!

PS #2 – One of the affirmations, I believe in 16 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Femdom Affirmations, and one of the pathbreaking tips (maybe, I dont know) in A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland – if it isn’t there, it should be – is to call her Sir! I’ve spoken about that before, boy!


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