“Champa Rani” “Call two or three servants, boy!”

My SO just SMACKED me – hard.

And being she’s in those pink shorts, and that lovely LONG pink shirt – which seems like she’s got nothing but LEGS and no shorts … Iwrote about that before, right?

Yes, here

So Iwon’t talk about it again!

I’ve been writing about my “sex” with her, so I won’t get into it again, but chores are piled up, boy!

The sink i sfull of dirty water, the dishes are clanging, and the house needs to be dusted!

She’s Indian (well, of Indian origin) – as I’ve said before, and she’s looking for new cuckolds and servants – so if you want to apply?


And remember – you gotta prove yourself WORTHY FIRST!

How -well, check out the email on that.

No pay, no “play” – though it’s not play anyway. Even if you pay, you serve, boy, like I did!

Anyway, she made the comment irritably.

“Call two or three servants, boy! I need the house spic and span and CLEAN!”

And then offhand, about some tree in India or the subcontinent.

“Those are leaves from the Champa plant” …

My oh my!

Given those FAT never ending legs, given her usual bitchiness, and Korean soap opera style causal insouciance …and annoyance …

The name!

It struck a bell.

Mike Watson doesn’t do movie – Hollywood, Bollywood, anything.

NONE of it.

but, I remember a scene from an old bollywood movie “Mohra” once where the comical lead villain, one of them was dressed up as a girl complete with fat tummy poking out and tennis balls as “boobs” that fell out, so “she” was found out, LOL – it was hilarious – even though I didnt understand the language fully … and her name?

Champa Rani!

And it’s a name akin to many maids in India!

Remember “Kanta” – thats what Madam Priyanka called me!

Remember the names the Chinese Goddesses gave me?

Remember “Manju“?

And soforth, and like that, “Champa Rani” is another name …!

Maybe I’ll beg my SO to call me that, hehe.

Oh my!

Or maybe YOU Can, boy!

(but prove your first FIRST)

And on that note as I grovel in front of Madam Lucy, with her lovely fat sole on my head, she giggled and asked.

“How many other Madam you serve, boy!”


She’s so smart – and I love it!

Back soon! (she even picked up on when I woke up, hehe)



PS – I’ve asked her (she’s 22) why I find this so interesting – serving her. You on the list know why. I bet she does too , and I’ll keep you posted. These smart girls – – oh – – – – – – MY!!!!!!!

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