Why “strong” men are the ticket for Goddesses!

Women are Goddesses and Queens, my friend. I think we’ve estabilished that very well by now!

But here is the thing – what about the cucked and submissive men I write of so often?

Surprisingly enough, or maybe not – NOT all cucks have small dicks for one.

You’d be surprised at how long some cuck cocks are – including yours truly!

And I’ve done a lot to debunk that particular myth in my writings.

Yet, another far more important myth?

That a man needs to be “truly cucked” in order to be attractive, have femdom “gravitate to him” and so forth.


One of the cardinal rules, and if you break it, its a cardinal SIN – in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” is this – don’t be a DOORMAT in REAL LIFE!

i.e. at the end of the day, even the most strident of Feminists and deep down inside, even Nazi feminists – they all want a strong man. This has become a rallying chant these days, but yours truly “femdom PIONEER” has been saying it for ages, and indeed in my pathbreaking book on it.

Strong doesnt necessarily mean domineering.

Women dominate – but they do so in the knowledge that a strong man is there to take care of ’em!

I mean, think about it.

You’re doing the housework, pressing her feet, giving her money … and she does … what?


Except be a queen and dominate YOU, cuck!

And why?

Because end of the day, in some way, you’re still taking care of her, and you’re doing it very well!

If it was all about foot massages, then the Bozo Schofield’s of this world (my friend into fitness keeps talking about that idiot!) would be in femdom paradise land.

But they aren’t.

They’re stuck behind the computer screen wanking to “Madam, can I be your servant”, or “Madam, I’m yours for life”.

Take care of Madam like a real man would, and chances are you’ll be able to watch her with a real man!

And as an aside, some of the MOST submissive men – grossly so if I might say so – blase and debase – are also the most ALPHA in real life.

You’d NEVER guess by looking at them, or by analyzing them!

True male submissives my friend, are a rare treasure – much like true female Dominants!

And on that note, HERE is the book you can pick up – and USE to ATTRACT female dominance to YOU – in all it’s shapes, forms and guises.

Do so – now!


Mike Watson

PS – No mention of “blase and debase” is complete without the regal Pooja Memsahib Ji!

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