Why I’d rather be kicked by OILED soles, and why I love OIL!

Paye LAgu, Memsahib … JI!!

She’s so gorgeous. Madam, thank you so much!

As I saw a girl casually relaxing on the bed, her soles up, glistening with oil – i had to say it!

I really did, boy!

She’s such a Queen, and oiling her feet as opposed to with lotion etc?

I believe I wrote about this before – both are great, indeed PEPPERMINT foot lotion which perfect Ms R (my S.O. looking for new cuckolds to serve her – so if YOU want to be dominated, prove you’re worthy, and she’ll do it, boy!) loves me rubbing her soles with, but nothing beats oil.

Oil is primal.

Oil massage, moisturizes, and makes the soles GLEAM LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

And of course, oil makes her feet SOFT!

Like nothing else can.

And it’s so enticing and alluring, that oiled sole and HER mocking you!

Yours truly and oil have a long history, of course, as you can tell from Sin City Diaries.

Those oil massages I paid for, which I never fully got, the sex workers and massueses that would LOOT me – that would humiliate me by asking me if I was gay and preferred COCK as opposed to a woman, and then laugh in that annoyed “I knew it, you fool!” manner when I wanted to see their soles, and then imperiously proclaim “Your girlfriend will be very happy ” as I get this – PAID them to press their soles!

As Maria told me, you’re kind. 


I’m a slave for these Goddeses, and serving Indian maids and chinese sexy workers, and ALL other downtrodden women, older women, FAT women, and women ing eneral is my privelege!!

I’m so LUCKY to have served so many (so can you if you know how – not for free though)

And oil, mor reasons?

Well, those erotic massages were done with oil, and we know a real satisfying handjob is done by GRIPPING the dick hard!

The girls claimed they’d given me an erotic handjob, but all they did was ruin the orgasm, by gently …well, its mentione in Sin City Diaries, and they probably did that to real men too!

Nothing if not smart is the Chinese woman from the mainland – MONEY is indeed the most important, boy!

And even real men will come back and pay her if that first orgasm isn’t satisfying enough and while too much lotion makes it hard to grip, too much oil is great for massages – but makes a handjob that much tougher and impossible – try it, you’ll see!

Other reasons –

Massaging her with OIL!

And of course, having my sissy ass lubed.

NOTHING lubes me better than some fine coconut oil from India and I did this for Master Jerome so often!

Yes, Sissy-Gasm Central is for STUDS with long cocks too!

I had to say that, because I had to, and it’s true.

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

Paye Lagu, Cock!


Mike Watson

PS – I love COCK! And pleasuraing Master with my finger in his ass as He shoots MASSIVE MAMMOTH LOADS … with his nipples being pleasured Nipplegasm Central style too!

PS #2 – Here is the reply I just got from “Shane Mitchell” a customer that recently signed up for, and that I wrote about in the last dispatch.

wrooofff !-P

thank you very much Awesome, thank you so much !-P

He wants to be my doggie boy, I’m sure.

You’re welcome, boy. You know what to do. 

NOW DO IT, BOYY! Prove yourself worthy, and we’ll see what we can do for YOU!


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