Why all men should be licking their wives feet and thanking them PROFUSELY!

I wrote about my “session in the hay” with the Mrs (if you can call her that) the other day.

And write now, as I see her lying on her stomach again – oh – my!

With those SOLES visible, dirty for now, since Madam is walkin gbarefoot at home!

That post is here – it’s a much must read!

And right now, I want to drop down and lick her soles as she watches astrology, and do so for a solid hour until the smell is embedded yet again in me, then her ass, then her royal asshole, then beg her to fart one, TAKE MY MONEY – YES! – and much, much more!

…. well, the post above contains what I want to do in that regard!

But the other reasons you guys need to be licking your wife’s soles – or girlfriends’ regularly?

First, it makes her feel special – bar none!

DOMINANT even if she isn’t. 

SUPERIOR which she is!

It’s a great way to work up to regular sex too. Great foreplay trust me!

Especially if you use your tongue right, sissy!

And it feels incredibly erotic.

And you should suck each toe like the GEM it is.

The bottom of the feet is what you cucks want, I know.

But you’re ignoring the toes!

Suck those toes, and guess what – it benefits you – because sucking toes is the perfect way to work up to sucking thos eyummy dangling luscious COCKS!

Of all sizes.

Big toe.

Big thick dicks!

The second one?

Slim long ones!

The third? Smaller ones!

Fourth and fifth?

Just lock your cocklet up and do it anyway.


She’s such a queen, such a Goddess.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib!


Mike Watson

PS – Women truly have the POWER to rule the entire WORLD!

And sometimes, I think they SHOULD!

PS #2 – You faggots that want Sir’s cum and want to see my dick need to buy Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots NOW.

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