The pink hair clip that caused me (almost!) to sissygasm my pants!

With no external stimulation, I might add.

If I had twirled my sissy nipples, I’d probably have gushed out a massive load!

As it is, I’ve been thinking about it. It’s what I saw my S.O. wearing, and she’s got one of those cute “kiddie” Japanese hairstyles today or something …

… looks incredibly cute, you know, like when the girls beg for real man cum on their faces, sissy?

And sissies no doubt know the feeling!

My first thoughts were to do what I did with Carol all those years ago.

You cum on my hair too!” she giggled, after a massive load on her face, my foot on those soft thighs … creamy white milky thighs!

The softest part of a woman’s body, as a certain “Ann” once told me – no, not the Ann of Serving Ann – she informed me of the softest spot on a man’s bollocks she could whack with her “stick” – patented Ann style!

That style is mentioned in Ball Busting 101, and you’ll want to grab it now. Truly “secret” shaminaic methods to busting balls you guys and ladies have NOT – I repeat, NEVER – seen before!

Including the Ann style … OUCH! That STUNG like a BEE!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, said the great Muhammad Ali.

And while boxing isn’t the topic of the book, that line is mentioned because BOXING BALLS is mentioned too.

Trust me, you’ll want to get this book now.

Much like Sissy Central, the best book of it’s kind on “how to turn into the perfect sissy for her” right NOW.

But anyway, I’m so wishing for a real man to cum on her – specifically that hair clip!

And it be coated in cum.

And I clean it – lick it clean.

It’s gleaming clean after that. Cum washes like nothing else can, as Ms Priyanka taught me!

And it’s just sissy paradise, isnt it boy?

And thats what I gotta share for now.

Back soon!



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