One of the best sissygasms ever . . .

This AM, I was thinking about it, and flicking my nipples to it!

Again, a massage worker was involved – this time (in my thoughts) a Bengali lady I know, but in REALITY (a while back?) – it was a Chinese sex worker!

Asian, I should say. I think Madam was part Vietnamese.

Anyway, it was a lovely massage room, and for once in a fancy 5 star hotel.

There were two massages available – erotic and “regular”. (the erotic was “blanked” out and named something else, but thats what it was. You can call it “sensual” if you want!).

I chose numero uno.

Lovely Asian lady showed up.

And after the oil massage, especially the trap kneading and such, she turned me over even quicker than she would have normally. In other words, I paid for a full body massage, so my legs etc should have been done.

Maybe my moaning was doing it, maybe my gentle touches on her lovely calves as she massaged and shyly saying ‘Madam you’re so beautiful‘ in Bengali … and saying it in the most obesquious manner possible when it should be the opposite was the bridge between what she already knew subconsciously (I’m a sissy despite my external macho self) – and conscious thoughts.

She turned me over, looked straight at me, black eyes thoughtful, slim fingers cool as they played with my stomach.

Like a cat!

I brought those fingers up to my nipples.

She was the most expert ever, and thats saying a LOT!!!!

And every time I’d get rock hard she’d jerk me off – but stop right before orgasm.

The massage time was spent this way.

Finally, when I could barely hold it?

Madam, please, I was whimpering …

She inserted a finger straight up my ass which she had oiled up before!

She played around!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those special techniques I used in Sissygasm Central to teach you – or the ones I taught YOU – they came from somewhere!

And as she did this, she kept licking and sucking my nipples.

NO touch of any nature to my penis.

I felt like I had to pee. Big time.

I let it go, and oh my!

…… I came like NEVER BEFORE. Except in a sissy style.

She giggled, cleaned it up.

Later on, she kissed my entire back, and gave me a lovely blowjob for which I paid 2x what I should have, and thanked her, beacause I didnt think she’d do it!

So a sissy-gasm – followed by a real man orgasm which incorporated sissygasms!

Life doesnt get any better!

And in case you’re wondering why I felt compelled to tell you this, it’s because most men can’t go round #2 after the first ejaculation.

Except, you can if you do it right, and you can go BETTER.

You CAN experience multiple waves of orgasm like women do.

And it’s not that hard to learn …

And combine what is in Sissygasm Central with real man orgasms as many “real men” do and you’ll be in for the ride of your life. Either way you will!

I remember the sauna, the wax dropping and dripping off the candles, and the Chinese massage worker’ SCORN all those years ago.

“You like man, boy!” 

And so it goes, my friend.

She’s such a Goddess and Queen!


Mike Watson

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