On credit cards and more …

Lots of you have been asking me over the past few months about accepting credit cards directly on the site.

Right now, the way we have it set up is Paypal (and they allow you to use your credit cards to make purchases) payments – and BTC (bitcoin). (due to privacy reasons etc for those concerned).

(not that we do, or ever WILL do anything remotely illegal, or not SSC!)

But anyway, I’d have credit card payment facility enabled on the site a long time ago. All my other businesses have it  – but due to the “adult” nature of some of our content, a lot of the regular processors don’t accept it.

And given what is happening with Pornhub etc now, where Visa and Mastercard aren’t working with them or what not – I dont see this silly purantical streak ending anytime soon.

Regardless, there are plenty of card processors out there that still work with adult content etc, so if you on this list know of any – let me know!

For a minute there I got sidetracked thinking of web hosts, and how awesome my current one is as compared to an absolutely crappy one I had before them!

Milan Bujak and the team are the “man”!

(no innuendos there)

But anyway, thats a brief note.

Will keep y’all posted!



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