The Indian maid with the most lovely soles, and the sexiest attitude ever!

Oh my!

Last night I saw an Indian maid, one of the most submissive ever, yet one of the slyest, and you know my history with downtrodden ladies!

Ladies of the night in Southern China, and maids in India – two of the most “damned” and cursed professions, especially being a maid in India where you’re routinely humiliated in horrible ways, but the same thing for ladies of the night in China too!

And this maid was sweeping the floor with an Indian style broom. You know, the same style my S.O. wanted me to buy two of!

That old fashioned broom with “wooden” brush at the end to sweep the floor, you know!

She found her employer (male, with a wife)’s jeans lying around.

“This guy throws his clothes everywhere”, she said irritably.

Then she picked up the jeans.

There was MONEY in it!

“Great! I can get money from doing nothing”.

“Kuch kare bina paisa mil gaya!” she said in hindi (translation above!)

And that was such a turn on – – again, if you’ve read the Sin City Diaries compilation, you know why! Those ladies looting me, such as Madam Bao Bao did, humiliating me – such as the lady who sardonically asked if I was gay – giving me so called erotic handjob which were more like ruined orgasms, so they didnt have to jerk up and down – and all with me PAYING FOR IT!

It was so humiliating, they knew it, and so did I!

Anyway, this man in the movie was a real man.

He came home suddenly. (his wife was still out).

He noticed his money missing.

One thing led to another, and after asking the maid several times in a rude, “I’m the boss” tone (and she replied in SUCH A SUBMISSIVE TONE that it was such a turn  on – but maids in India talk like that to their employers!) . . . he got straight to the point.

She had hidden the money in her bra.

He pulled it out and got a nice feel!

Oh my!

REAL MAN! (they didnt show his face throughout).

“Want more, bitch”, he asked, pulling another wad of cash out.

He didnt say bitch, but his attitude did.

She was on her knees cleaning.

“yes, sir! anything for money!” she replied. 

Then get it with your MOUTH, he said!

One thing led to another.

She pulled money out of his pocket with her mouth.

The next roll – in his underwear!

Before she knew it, his lovely Indian cock – with that purple head – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – India cocks look and smell and TASTE different!

There’s something about them – maybe the food – but the cum is richer, thicker, and tastes different too!

His cock bobbed up and down in front her, fully erect.

She didnt want to suck it.

What if memsahib comes back“, she kept saying (his wife).

She’s not here, girl, he barked.

And finally, she put her lovely lips around his dick – and got the money – third wad – which Master had wrapped around his cock shaft!

How delicious, the dominance!

More money came, and then by that time, all hesitation had flown out the window.

Oh yes, sir, I’ll do ANYTHING for money!

And she sucked him like no tomorrow, then it was time for them to do “cowgirl”.

And it’s that point I really liked.

Madam got on his cock, kissed him deeply, and it has to be said, he was fucking her very well indeed!

“Kitne Mazw Dete ho, Sahab Ji!” 

(You really pleasure me well, sir!) 

And he was, that Indian dong plunging in and out, the bollocks slamming up against her, but this cuck?

She had such a beautiful ass and soles, I wanted to lick both!

And if I was there!

She wouldn’t even have taken off her clothes.

She’d have laughed at me, and looted my money, and made me clean the house which she was being paid to clean!

And I’d have let her!

“I do it to you, boy! I’m so rude to you and treat you like shit becaus eyou LET ME!” 

I’m such a cuck, Madam!

So said Madam Sophia. 

So said all the ladies of the night. 

So said Manju in India. 

So said all the Indian maids, downtrodden ladies, and Pooja Memsahib Ji, at whose feet I wanted to drop down instantly last night after seeing this – her petite feet, her ass, her back!

And be humiliated by her!

He came on the maid’s ass.

Not as much as I would have liked.

But then it ended and I wanted to lick his jizz up, and press the maids feet as she lay there moaning after a real man took her!

What a stud – I wish I could have sucked his lovely cock head too!

Takeaway from all this – –

Well, simple!

Ladies of the night – and maids – and downtrodden women – when they dominate you – it’s the best!

They usually have lovely feet and soles, and they can transfer their downtroddenness so well to their dominance, innate in them like any other woman!

And it’s such a turn on, paying them NOT to be abused, but they do it anyway, and take your money!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

You’re the best!

More in Sin City compilations and Indian Femdom Recollections.


Mike Watson

Ps – They didnt show the guy’s nipples which is a pity. If she, or someone would have serviced them, he would have enjoyed more and come loads!! More thick creamy cum. Yes, nipples on guys can make them cum like NEVER before, my friend. For more, pick up the course on it here – Nipplegasm Central.

PS #2 – Stories of Indian femdom HERE.

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