Why I want Ivy Bao to BUST MY BALLS- now!

I love ballbusting!

And ball busting ladies, hehe, even if some of it is just “by word” and they haven’t done the actual physical action.

Actually  to me the giggle, words and thoughts matter the most.

It’s that which leads to the look in the eye, and then WHAM!


And the feeling of utter submission, utter helpnesses, but Ivy?

I believe I wrote about her before.

She’s a Goddess I once had the pleasure of knowing, a dark skinned Chinese Goddess, and this Goddess claimed she was “fat inside”.

(much like my Chinese Jie Jie, elder sister claimed about ME when she first saw me, hehe).


I dont know, she didnt seem fat to me at all!

“You can’t see it! Hidden by clothes!” is what she said. 

OK, maybe.

But she wasn’t fat – at all.

Bodacious, yes.

Thick legs, thighs and hips (I believe she grew up in the country) – yes!

And of course, a lovely body overall?


Lovely dark skin?


And she called me fat too, hehe, despite the fact I was and am anything but.

This whole thing Chinese girls have going on right now and always have about body types is UNHEALTHY, and harmful, period.

Like trying to squeeze into Uniqlo clothes meant for kids or what not . . .

Adult girls at that!

I dont know.

I’d rather kiss Ivy’s little bit of fat around the midsection, and her ASS all day long, hehe.

And I’d rather she kicks me with the STRONG thighs – and the shapely strong calves, shaped by wearing high heels!

She is the PERFECT ball bustrix if she wants to be, hehe.

And I’d drop down, kiss her feet, and apologize for whatever it was that caused us to lose touch, because …well, she’s a Goddess!

They ALL are.

So is Madam Ivy.

Paye Lagu Madam!

And as I sit here thinking about my lips touching her toes as she smacks me in the bollocks, that numb feelin all the way up to my chin?

I gotta tell – grab the course on Ballbusting NOW.

Truly the best and most erotic ever (you might nut in your pants just reading it).


Mike Watson

PS – Here is that link – BallBusting 1010. 

(I dont know why the 0 comes coming out why I type it!)

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