Jhadu laga!

Oh, my poor bollocks, my friend!

As I wrote that last email to you. I remembered I had to do laundry, and of course the way to do it is through the bedroom for whatever reason where my Indian S.O. (remember the one that is looking for a new cuck, not so much studs as she has plenty of those lined up!) is chattign on the phone with some guy or the other.

I’ve stopped getting jealous.

I love it now!

But anyway, that aside, as I did it, she told me something.

“Buy another broom, boy!” 

Apparently the one I was using to clean is no longer “suitable”.

Dont ask me why.

It’s one of those ancient Chinese (or Indian) style brooms with a long handle and “bamboo strands”. Personally, Mike Watson uses the Western “stand up style” both to sweep and mop.

But of course Ive written tomes about how Ms Priyanka made me do it “Indian servant style” squatting INdian style on my haunches, in the most debase and humiliating manner possible, so my SO – she’s no different in that regard!

Neither is Madam Susan, hehe.

Or the older ladies I so love!

But anyway, that broom handle?

It’s perfect to bust balls!

You may think thats not a novel idea, eh.

And it is NOT in a way, so I didnt put it in Ballbusting 101(maybe 102?)

But, it IS too.

Think about this – she could tickle your balls, or ass with the DIRTY end of the broom. Bamboo, boy!

Bamboo falls HARD. OUCH!

(be damn careful!)

Or, she could hammer you one in the bollocks while you’re cleaning anyway, even if you do a good job.

Come to think of it, that is why she (MY SO) ordered TWO of them (told me to do it).

I todl her to buy it, for obvious reasons.

“Tu Kharid! Tu Kahridehga to kya ho jayega!” 

You buy it, boy!

So I did.

But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why two, and not one.

She gave me some spiel about price rise or what not which Mike Watson does NOT care about.

But … NOW I know the reason. Real reason!

I’ll try and prepare my bollocks, but nothing prepares yoru balls for that sort of a WHACKOLA!

And for more on this – Ball busting 1010. 

Believe me, it has the secret SHAMINAIC technique that Madam Ann used on my balls – even when I cleaned well!

I’ll stick you, boy!


Mike Watson

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