When mirrors and cucks have a tough, tough choice!

“Heads you lose, tails she wins!” 

Or the other way around, a friend of mine once told me about women!

He was so right, and it SHOULD be that way.

And as I talk to Madam Anne, a lady who I’ve written about so often (remember those feet? Remember her leg massages? Remember her kicking me out of bed in the middle of the night to bring her water, in the morning tea – and somehow managing to make it romantic?)

Remember the tale about her marriage?

Well, five years down the line she’s married and has a kid, and is every bit as gorgeous as before.

And older.


But anyway, what I mean to say is this – this morning I told her the following after looking at a selfie on WeChat (of her, admittedly with makeup, but she’s gorgeous even without!)

(Especially that short red dress she first wore that first day as she pulled me to BED! Or I think I did, hehe. She was on her period).

I still remember the “Wow’s!” she was giving me as my cum spurted out like a geyser after a brief nipple suck and handjob … very brief!

The head massage that night, which didnt last long, and never happened again, hehe.

But anyway, I told her the following.

“Anne, ask the mirror whose the most beautiful!” 

“The mirror is lucky!” 

And then of course, a comment about her husband complaining about her phone – which is NEVER switched off (I remember getting irritated with the clanging in the middle of the night).

“I can agree with that”, I laughed.

But it’s important, boy, she’s getting MONEY on her phone!

Money is the most important boy!

And anyway … this was a game which I have often lost, and you, cuck will lose too.

One of the most erotic ever, and in Serving an Indian Goddess, I believe I played it a LOT.

Along with the intensely humiliating “cow” game, hehe (you’ll want to pick up the book just to cum to that, sissy!)

And I’d get smacked no matter which lady i’d choose, or which sole I’d say was the most beautiful!

And they’d all laugh at me royally and enjoy it immensely!

Which, of course makes it all worth it, cuck.

Get your roll on “cuck style” right NOW by investing in the book right NOW, my friend.


Mike Watson

(And to turn into a real life cuckolded male, follow the instructions I give you in Cuck Central).

(I’m going to be pulling the discount shortly, by the way, so hurry – time, like your lasting ability in bed, cuck, is LIMITED).

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