My old school teacher I had, and still DO have a crush on – and that DISCOUNT!

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My old school teacher I had, and still DO have a crush on – and that DISCOUNT!

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I dont know why, but a lot of you haven’t taken advantage of the DISCOUNT we’ve got going on, my friend.

I think you’ve either forgotten about it, or its the “auto” nature of it that has made you forget?

Remember, my friend. Any purchase over $100 – for ANY customer, returning or old – gets an automatic 20% off with the discount we have currently going on. 

Remember too, Mike Watson doesnt do discounts, and he doesnt need to, because my products sell like hotcakes globally – especially on Amazon etc. Rave reviews, and so forth. But I figured I’d do this one “just because” and just to “reward” some of you, but it’s slipped under the radar, so I’m writing – again – to tell YOU about it!

And now, perfect Madam Vandana who I’ve written about before, and an unfinished book “the M.B.A. student” features … HER!

I’ve spoken of a lot of lovely high school teachers, but she was the loveliest, according to me, although others thought she was “just attractive”, but not the best (though inside, they ALL wanted her!).

I fetishized about her at the age of 14. Wanted to marry her (well, not really – my friends were telling me “you can’t marry her” – but I just wanted to press her feeet!) at the age of 15 …

Thats another thing, by the way.

Why is MARRIAGE necessary?

I mean, doesn’t that tag ruin a lot of relationships due to expectations on either side, and what not?

Why not live FREE?

Why not be committed – or not – and do so in a FREE manner without restrictions?

Globally, due to the COVID, people are only NOW starting to wake up to a truism I’ve been talking about for ages.

Anyway, Vandy as we called her ..

One fine afternoon, I hurled a general “abuse” in her direction from our classroom (on the second floor) while she was walking down below …

I still remember that old school, the “clinic” on the bottom floor, a sexy Chinese style headmistress always wearing RED, and she liked me, and of course Vandy – her favorite colors were red, the BOOKSTORE which was right there, a tiny little room we’d buy books from …

And the abuse wasn’t directed at her – of course not!

It was actually just a general cuss word in Hindi “Behan ki Lori”.

Means, sister fucker . . .

Kinda like saying, I dont know, “fuck” out loud in the west to no-one in particular, but remember, this was school in the subcontinent, uber sttrict, and as she looked up, EVERYONE, even the studs in the room who never thought I’d have the balls to say it and had DARED me to do it and I did it – ran to their seats!

I was constantly told in the two minutes before Goddess showed up.

“Now what have you done!”

They were all scared.

But one friend, “Notsy” told me it was the best thing I could have done!

Hey, I wanted her attention!

And I got it.

I am SURE she knew who said it!

I am SURE until this day, more than 25 years later!

But she came in, she didnt say a word …

“Michael …. “I often remember her saying (not Michael, but my “other name” at the time). 

“Do I need to call your parents”, she would often “threaten” me as we’d act up, and Madam, hot and tired would shrug in exasperation. 

But, she was always one of the teachers that liked me

I could tell.

She could too!

But the age difference …

Much like perfect Madam Susan, she’s probably around 60 or MORE now.

(Susan is 50 something I believe).

But some women, they’re Goddesses regardless of anything else!

And Vandana – MADAM Vandana – is too!

So many jerk offs to her in that ole crummy room of mine my poverty induced (well, that was their mentality) parents gave me … (and thats all they had) …

So many fantasies.

So much!

But I dream about her ALL The time.

Last night, she was in my dreams again, in purple, violet and VELVET.

I believe I showered her with the first color as I was taking her number!

She knows!

Despite not having seen me since the age of 15.

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! I’d press your head, shoulders and feet in a “jiffy” if I could!


Mike Watson

PS – More such femdom recollections (from an indian standpoint) HERE.

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