Why this perfect GODDESS is so ENGROSSED in her phone that she literally forgets you’re there, boy!

My SO gave me an irritated and angry answer to a question yesterday that I wrote about, but my groveling, sniveling responses after that!

She looked at me annoyed, and WHACKED me on the side of the face.

“You just need attention, boy!” 

“Shut up! Can’t you see I’m BUSY!” 

“I can’t be bothered with cuck bullshit coming from a pathetic man whose a STUD in the gym, but a LOSER in life and the bedroom, licking womens feet, soles, and asses, as opposed to my stud who fucks me like I deserve to be!” 


Other than the slaps, this is what stood out (other than cuckie’s cock, already at RAMROD attention).

She pointed the phone screen at me, as if it would drown out my blather.

And there were two gorgeous Korean dames on there!

Now, why do I say this?

First, it brings back memories of Ms Priyanka … who was often so engrossed in her movies, TV, video etc she FORGOT she had a slave there pressing her legs, feet, serving her wine, and so forth … and …

THIS MADE it so much more better!

It’s one thing to findom or femdom with a lady being paid for it, who does it expertly.

It’s QUITE ANOTHER for her to do it almost 24/7 in REAL life – to REALLY make you a servant, and TREAT you like a REAL Servant, casually, dismissively, as if you weren’t there, as if your purpose is just to serve!

Mistress Rachna is looking for cucks now, and she doesn realize how good of a Domina she could be (consciously she wants the opposite).

But anyway, THAT is what I bring to you, my friend.

THAT causal insolence, and saying anything she wants “because not only can you not retaliate, but you can be humiliated and you’ll love it, because it’s your place in life!” 


I was always a heroine, boy! 

So said Rachna . . .

And she’s probably right, hehe.

REmember, cucks and studs alike – when she ignores you – is the BEST! (but she’ll never ignore a stud with a dick ready, hehe).


Mike Watson

PS – Sissies often get cranky without their “regular dose” I’ve heard. I know I do, but the thing is – you gotta be a proper sissy first. GIVE first, and you shall receive later!

In other words, DO first – BECOME the perfect SISSY first – Sissy Central.

And receive very soon! – Sissygasm Central.

Or, the Sissy Reader if you want it all in one!

I’ll be back!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib!

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