Teach her ENGLISH – and PAY HER FOR the PRIVELEGE, boy!


I hate teaching English in China, and I’ve said this before. I rarely ever do it, but when I do it – I get paid well.

And yet, with all the girls I’ve been with, the majority who cannot speak English or couldn’t?

Well, guess what – you’ve already guessed it, but the girls hadn’t!

“Madam, PLEASE put your feet up!” 

I used to massage Carol’s feet and her back regularly after our classes ended, for instance, and she’d ignore me so naturally while on the phone!

It was so exciting!

And for the rest of the ladies – well guess what.

They’d ask my “rate”.

I’d tell them.

But as soon as they put their FEET Up, and their soles, I’d be begging and groveling to pay them, and no-one enjoyed this more than Madam Pearl!


She’s always superior, boy!

TEACH HER ENGLISH FOR FREE – Nah, not free! Pay her for the privelege!!!!!

What a superior being, and as I see a foreign devil massage a Vietnamese girl’s feet while teaching her, I had to write this to you. 

Of course, if you’re a stud?

Remember the black dude who was teaching THREE ladies?

And ended up with his dick out – they begged him!

And one on his nipples, and one on his dick, and they all fucked him!

Cuck dream, especially the nipple part, but cucks, dream ON.

You get a ruined orgasm, and wish you could slobber along with the ladies on his black shiny knob!!

You know it, I know it, and the ladies do!

And you get to press their feet – and soles!

The stud gets to have multiple orgasms, and you’ll lick his balls and ass begging him for cum on YOUR FACE!

BUt more than all that, what makes it all worth it – her TRUE look of INNATE dominance and satisfaction.

Her having her cake, and eating it too.




Mike Watson

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