Princess Yvonne, tall women, LONG FEET!

Mistress Yvonne…

Princess Yvonne…

Yoga champ!

Lovely lady with piercing eyes – a TALL lady not shy about SHOWING herself off – and her best assets – often in clingy nightdresses and sweaty hot yoga sessions, long long legs extended out … much like perfect Madam Su. What a cuckoldress she was!

I’ve never had the honor of pressing Yvonne’s long feet, or cooking and cleaning for her.

But I’d love to!

I , of course, have had plenty of honor and experience doing the same for Su. And cleaning plenty of cum for her amongst other things, pressing her long legs while she watched movies, cleaning her shoes – washing her clothes …

“You can wash my clothes, boy! But do NOT spoil them!”

“You can press my legs too while I watch movie!”

And of course, suck her boyfriend’s cock.

Madam Josie is another one of those tall ladies with LONG feet … and long legs, and for these ladies, the ass tends to be less voluptous, but ever so sexy and worshippable anyway!

The LONGER and MEATIER the feet – the more to press and worship, boy!

And the never ending legs.

Yvonee was in my dreams for whatever reason last night – well, I woke up thinking about her.

Which is strange, because it was an ultra romantic dream I had, a dream that caused me to think of Yvonne first, then Carol.

If ever that was a lady that was soft, sweet and sexy – and with petite little soft yet broad feet?

Madam Carol!

What a Goddess!

And the months I spent with her were by far the happiest of my life.

Which is saying a lot, of course!

I could probably make a Bollywood movie or two with my life, and thats just the “ladies” part of it!

Then we get to the other stuff …

But anyway, I’ve written tomes about my experiences with Chinese women.

And with ALL Women, actually.

“Her Brown Slut” is being translated into Portugese as we “speak”.

And more!

A great start for you interested in Mike Watson, his life, and his TALES?

Right HERE!

Paye Lagu, Princess Yvonne!


Mike Watson


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