Drop dead gorgeous SOLES …

This morning, I was in a bit of a foul mood due to many reasons.

Not so much foul as … well, I wasn’t in a GOOD mood as I usually am.

I walked around the room – I thought a lot.

Finally, I decided “no regrets” (for the issue I was wondering about) … and then?

Well, what to do NOW.

Remember, when life throws you several jimmies, and when it all seems “unfair” – the key is to focus on what you want – and what you can do NOW to get there, even if thats a little thing.

And for me, it was looking at Madam Andy’s BROAD soles!

Her feet, not so much – as her soles, and the eyes looking down at me domineeringly!

Then the best thing.

A pair of Chinese soles sitting on a park – and the picture I took – well – all you can see is the soles – and the eyes aren’t that dominant, but the soles, oh my, those meaty soles…


I just want to drop down and WORSHIP!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ALL, women included, live in a FEMALE dominated world for once, where it wouldn’t just be “nice” if you kissed the girls soles – but it would be MANDATORY.

Where you as a male would HAVE to submit – to the women’s whim!

Where you’d have to say Paye Lagu, Madam to ANY WOMAN – much like the apartheid era, you wouldn’t have the same rights, priveleges etc.

They could use your sexual services at any time!

They could make you play with other men for their amusement.

They could whip you.

They would obviously make you do the housework, cook, clean, everything!

And much, much more.

Books have been written on this, of course, but for me, the reason I haven’t written such a book?

Because ALL my books, my friend, are written in this vein!

And for true femdom utopia – the Watson faithful is where it’s at, with free unlimited downloads (and I’ll be adding in a free unlimited paperbacks option too down the road) for as long as the membership stays active.

So if all of this sounds like something you’d want to partake of – dive in now!



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