Flirting OUTRAGEOUSLY with the “driver” and the “hired help”

Way, way back in the day (no, it ain’t my current SO either – though she giggles a bit in that regard, but it’s another lady I knew!) … but hey.

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Done, boy ?

Well, while the money hits HER account, hehe, I’ll talk …

So this girl was Indian too.

And in India, for some reason, the age old system of “hired help” in a way that was only prevalent in England and such in the Middle Ages has persisted.

Hey, dont ask me why.

An dit’s the subcontinent, and I’ve written tomes about it too, obviously.

But this lady would flirt outrageously with the driver – a skinny dude you wouldn’t think “had it”.

He “wanted it”, yes.

You can tell from his eyes!

And this lady, frustrated with her cuck at home (me) also wanted it but NOT From him!

But she flirted anyway, made tea etc for him (gasp!) – and believe it or not, she never ONCE made tea for me. HEhe.

Thats not to say she wanted him … but …

Remember that movie with the uber dominant white girls with BOOTS To die for?

Well, an equally dominant and attractive SIXTY YEAR OLD lady – studded with makeup (And probably cum down there!) – once let a pool cleaner – Mexican dude go – why?

Because he was staring at my tits!

So she complained to her cuckold husband, but cuck was giving her money so she put up with it.

Tip #1 there, cucks!

All about MONEY!

And to end this, was she being honest?

Somehow I doubt it, hehe.

Somehow, that long Mexican snake probably done deposited his lovely seed in her before being “fired”.

And before she sent her husband’s money to him and visited him on the sly!

My oh my.

Cucks – have it the very best!



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